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[Solved] What Time Did Shakespeare Live In?

Shakespeare was known to have moved quite a lot in London 😎 Court records reveal that Shakespeare lived in Bishopsgate in 1593. By 1599 he’s having having moved across the river to the Liberty of the Clink on Bankside on property owned by the Bishop of Winchester’s estate, where the Globe Theatre was built. In 1604, he was back in the city. Rented lodgings in the house of Christopher Mountjoy on the corner of Monkwell and Silver Street in Cripplegate, not far from St Paul’s. Read more about Shakespeare’s London home. [1]
Shakespeare was a short-lived man. One-half of all children who were born in Shakespeare’s time never survived beyond the age of fifteen and never became adults. A person’s average life expectancy was also only 30 years. Due to limited medical information, these short lives were possible. Doctors used primitive methods of medicine in a world before antibiotics were available. Bubonic plague was a serious test of medical knowledge. It was a disease that frequently plagued England and it’s always spreading fast. The disease was not recognized by doctors, who prescribed anything from pills to honey-smelling remedies. To slow down the’s spreading of this disease, regulations were made. When the death rate was high, one of them was to close temporarily all London theaters. It’s was thinking that this would prevent people from coming into contact. A second policy was to execute. Cats and dogs. The bubonic plague did not become a problem because there were no cats to hunt the rats that had the plague fleas. England’s food supply at this point was not secure, even though it was dormant. A series of poor harvests could have easily led to the poverty line. Their and that of the aristocrats were not well-nourished. This led to the’s spreading of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease in the population. Vitamin deficiencies. Last edited by Toren Fitch, Ankara (Turkey) 20 days ago [2]
Image #2 The Queen Elizabeth continues to tell us that William Shakespeare was alive more than 400 years before the start of English history, known as The Elizabethan Age. This period is named after Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth was able to recognise how important the arts and theatre were to her nationIt has created an era of creative genius. While the wealthy are able to afford this, powerful people of the nobility often lived They have lived extravagantly, but they make up only a tiny percentage of the total population. The Elizabethan age saw a large number of poor people and those with little education. Many people were not educated, so most information about everyday life in Elizabethan times comes from the records of educated nobles. Most people lived a hard life, earning a minimal living. This article was last edited on 83 Days ago by Montavius Magie of Cochabamba in Bolivia. [3]
Image #3 Also, he explains that dOBSON was a mental illness. He lived in Stratford. At London court hearings, he refers to himself as William Shakespeare. He is a gentleman from Stratford-upon-Avon, the county of Warwick. He identifies himself as coming from Stratford—this is where his family home is, this is where he leaves his wife and children, this is where he buys the whopping great house New Place after his son dies, apparently thinking that if he’s not going to have a male dynasty, at least he’s going to have a big house and a serious estate. He buys what had been Sir Hugh Clopton’s house. He lived in Stratford and worked in London. [4]
Further reading can be found at, so, we don’t know when Shakespeare first went to London. We don’t know in what capacity he’s having gone to London: whether he’s having gone as a traveling player (which is possible, it’s possible that he joined a company of players when they came to Stratford; touring players did come to Stratford), or it’s possible that he’s having just gone there to “make his fortune”, as it were. There’s also a recent theory that he might have gone partly to help his father. His father, who was a dealer in wool, there’s a theory which will appear in a book which Paul Edmondson and I’m having just edited which will appear in November of this year, in which we float the theory that Shakespeare’s father, rather than becoming impoverished in the middle of his career, actually went on making quite a lot of money as a dealer in wool. And the author of that article speculates that Shakespeare might even have gone to London partly in order to advance his father’s wool business. There’s a lot we don’t know and a lot we have to be content not to know. People make theories and deductions about it. Change over the yearsAs more information becomes available, we will be able to share details not only about Shakespeare but also the socio-economic environment where he lived. Marlos Barger deserves credit for providing the head up [5]

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