what time of day is best to visit the alhambra?

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I’m could seeing my breath in the morning air, despite the cloudless sky promising another sunny day 👍 The’s having light had only just started to infiltrate down to the cobbled streets of the valley 👍 Walking briskly beside the river and then turning to the right to ascent one of the hills of Granada, we are almost invisible 🔥 We are leaving behind the urban landscape and entering into the parklands. The paths were paved with orange and red leaves and the water is muddy. As usual with my clumsiness, I mademademade sure not to fall. As we pushed ourselves to reach the top, mindful of our time and the ticket in my jacket pocket, I was careful not to slip. Only a tiny sign heralded our arrival, but for the next 3 hours we explored the spellbinding enchantment of what is arguably Spain’s biggest tourist attraction, the Alhambra. [1]
Some people say it is early in the morning. Others say that the tourists buses arrive mid-morning. Other folks say lunchtime, while others say the bus arrives at noon. Still others say the buses leave around the end of the day. The truth is, the Alhambra is busy the whole day and there isn’t much difference from one time of the day to another. There is a limited number of tickets sold per day and a limited number of 30-min slots for the Nasrid Palaces – once they’re booked up, that’s it. If you book for 10:00 AM at the Nasrid Palaces but the slot is full, the number of people you have will be the same as those who booked the time slot at 2:00 PM. Tajuana Sandon, a special thank you for your insights. [2]
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This is a stunning page! Points out how to 1) Book it online. It is best to make your bookings in advance. Even in low seasons, there may not be any tickets left for the weekend. After booking you’ll get the reference number and you’ll have to go to Alhambra’s ticket office upon arrival to pick up your tickets (either in an ATM-like machine in the case of a full-rate ticket or at the ticket desk if you have a reduced rate you’ll have to provide proof of your right). You can also get your pre-booked full-rate ticket at the Ticketmaster machine in the Alhambra shop (see below): in this case you won’t need to go all the way to the top You can enter the Alhambra by using the main gate. [3]
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Pros and cons More information is available. When you walk up to the Nasrid palace, you’ll see a huge line. Don’t freak out. This will pass quickly. It is not what you want. Need to do: If you have an appointment at say 7pm (that’s what I had had), you need to get in line at around 6.40. Although the line seems hopelessly long, don’t worry, you will get in for the time you have booked. Guards will be walking by the lines asking for information and asking when people are coming in. They do this to make sure you’ll get in, and that the line is only for people with this time slot and not the next. Last edited 2 days ago, by Serita Jones of Algiers (Algeria). [4]
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