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What Was A Law In Virginia In 1610? (RESOLVED!)

These “ruthless policies,” says historian Alden T 🔥 Vaughan, “rested on the assumption that the colony’s plight necessitated stringent discipline 😉” In England, Vaughan says, “Family, church, community, and government guided personal and group behaviourr 🤓 Virginia was lacking in such control: Virginia had very few families and few clergymen. There were also scattered, unstable and unpredictable communities and a government that would take orders from any commercial entity. In its first ten-years, Virginia was basically a military base that supported a trading company. Colony rulers were soldiers who served to protect the American outpost, and to enforce order upon its residents. As the London Company was convinced that the colony would become an area for parents to discharge lascivious sons, masters or bad servants and spouses of ill husbands, it established martial law. This is “most efficient and terror-fittest” for this government. Company chiefs decided that Virginians in dissolute need to be subjected to “severe control…, strict laws…,, much work and hard living.” [1]
The’s charter giving the Company the right to create its own laws and regulations. However, they were limited to being compatible with English law. In order to avoid disputes as had been the case in Virginia, the Company granted full authority to its governor and quasi-dictatorial power. The’s changes coming too late and were almost insufficient, as Jamestown was at the time experiencing “starvation”. However, the Company was determined to persevere and sent another batch of colonists and ships in 1611. In the five years that followed, Sir Thomas Gates (and then Sir Thomas Dale) governed the colony iron-handed via the “Lawes Devine Morall and Martiall.” This information was brought to our attention by Doyle Higginbotham, Puducherry (India). [2]
Image #2 It also describes the Virginia Company’s 1609 charter, which authorised them to send a military governor into the troubled colony. Sir Thomas Gates left England in 1609 to sail towards Virginia, but his ship the Sea Venture was blown up on Bermuda by Hurricane Irene. He arrived in Virginia May 1610 to find the remains of Jamestown’s garrison. Survived the deadly winter The Starving Time is also known. Gates published the first order that William Strachey had compiled on May 24, 1610. This was in the book For the Colony, Virginea Britannia. Lawes Divine Morall, Martiall and Morall, &c. Last edited by Jelani Ernst, Nanjing China, 70 days ago. [3]
Image #3 This also clarifies how and forasmuch no warre or good service is possible if militarie discipline does not exist. [4]

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