what was robin williams childhood like?

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Much of Robin’s formative years were spent alone in the huge mansion that was his home 😁 In order to cope with his loneliness he created characters and conversations in his head 😁 He was an overweight child, which led to bullying at school. The sixth grade, he later recalled, was the most difficult year of his life. Many days he had gone home crying, after constant name calling and physical harassment. Each day was a torment for him, with the only friends the ones he created in his imagination. The hardship of these early years brought on a deep seated state of depression that Robin was to grapple with for the rest of his life. [1]
While best known for his thrilling humourr, Robin Williams also explored darker characters and situations on screen. He played a creepy photo developer in One Hour Photo (2002); a writer of pulp novels in Insomnia (2002); and a radio host who gets caught up in the mystery surrounding a troubled fan in The Night Listener (2006). Williams returned to his comedic talents as well with Man of the Year (2006), a send-up of U.S. Presidential politics. Ironically, that same year, he portrayed Teddy Roosevelt in the popular family film Night at the Museum, co-starring Ben Stiller. Williams also appeared in the family comedy RV with Cheryl Hines, Kristin Chenoweth and Jeff Daniels in 2006. (last emended 4 days ago by Tifanie J. From Malatya, Turkey) [2]
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Based around an article from britannica.com, williams’s father, Robert, was an executive for the Ford Motor Company, and his mother was a former fashion model. He early learned to use humorto entertain classmates and was a fan of comedian Jonathan Winters. When he was 16, his father retired, and the family moved to the San Francisco area. Williams studied political science at Claremont Men’s College (now Claremont McKenna College), where he beginning tookes in improvisation. He then attended the College of Marin to study acting but later received a scholarship to study at the Juilliard School in New York City. Williams eventually moved back to California, where he had begun appearing in comedy clubs in the early 1970s. (last edited 19 days ago by Vinson Toney from Jammu, India) [3]
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Aceshowbiz.com gives further information. A true genius in comedic field who is also capable to deliver stunning dramatic performances to brilliantly draw many laudations plus accolades throughout his burgeoning career, Robin McLaurin Williams sure is another extraordinary actor to find in Hollywood. Hailed from a well-to-do family, Robin was born the only child of a former model of French descent named Laura McLaurin and Robert Fitzgerald Williams, a Ford Motor Company senior executive, on July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois. Most of his early life was spent in different places due to his father’s occupation before the family eventually settled in Marin County, California where he entered Larkspur’s Redwood High School to then have his graduation in 1969. Up to this point, he had had already been noticed among his milieu for his knack in entertaining people, a natural talent he initially developed either as a solace to overcome his loneliness at home or a proper defense mechanism during his childhood when he was teased by his peers at school. (we thank Babajide R. For their recent revision). [4]
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