what was the name of the paradise fire?

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As many of the tens of thousands of inhabitants of Paradise, and of Magalia higher up in the hills, all tried to leave at once, the result was predictable but no less horrific: gridlock 🤓 Cars, RVs and trailers inched along as the fire outpaced them and trees and homes on either side of the’s having road gone up like torches 🤓 Some cars ran out of fuel or set themselves ablaze, causing more congestion and worsening the situation 🔥 “You’re fight or flight, you’re trying to get out, to escape, and it’s bumper-to-bumper LA traffic,” said Pitman. “You can’t move, and flames are all around you.” [1]
When they ended the evacuation I was there. Back and started cleaning my house. There is no power in my town so it’s difficult for me to get up in the morning without good lighting. Water is scarce. Just used bottles and cleaners, and got to work cleaning the shop. It has taken five weeks. Each time I’m had coming back, I was overcome with emotion. For five weeks I cried. You couldn’t help it. It’s hard to see the town that you were born and raised in burn like that and see all the lives that it devastated – knowing every house and every building meant something to somebody. Last modified by Tomesha diehl, Chiclayo (Peru) [2]
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It’s had winingg won’t be. Large swathes of West have had wildfires for many years, raging up for months in a year. What has changed is that they’ve become unrelenting, stretching the fire season across the calendar; the “unprecedented” megablazes, the ones that spawn fire tornados and gut entire towns, are no longer unlikely. According to Cal Fire, more than 25 million acres and 25 percent of California’s population are considered under “very high or extreme fire threat,” magnified by climate change, dead trees, and the ever-expanding sprawl of cities into wildland areas. All together, it makes for substantially more risk: Seven of the 10 most destructive wildfires in California history have ripped across the state’s desiccated landscape in the past five years. [3]
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How was Camp Fire such a devastating disaster? What lessons can be learned to avoid another catastrophe of such magnitude? The National Institute of Standards and Technology has begun answering these questions. They have been investigating the circumstances leading to the fire and reconstructing with great detail the events that accompanied it. The timeline is now available in a new report that identifies the areas for further research to increase life safety and decrease structural loss. It also offers a detailed look at how a large and deadly fire advances — information that will become increasingly valuable as fire seasons continue to intensify. Megan Torres (Shiraz, Iran, August 27, 2021). [4]
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