What Were The Aurelian Walls Used For? (RESOLVED!)

In the middle of the fourth century AD Rome’s boundaries had expanded beyond that enclosed by the Servian Wall. This was during the Republican period, which began in the 4th Century BC. Rome had not been strengthened over the centuries of consolidation and expansion that followed. The Third Century’s crisis brought out the necessity for stronger defenses. When barbarian tribes invaded northern Italy, the Roman Army failed to contain them. In 270, the barbarian Juthungi and Vandals invaded northern Italy, inflicting a severe defeat on the Romans at Placentia (modern Piacenza) before eventually being driven back πŸ˜‰ Further trouble broke out in Rome itself in the summer of 271, when the mint workers rose in rebellion πŸ™Œ In the ensuing fighting, several thousand died.
Totila stormed the city and destroyed one-third of its circuit. However, this exaggeration is not true (Procop. BG iii. 22-24); Belisarius restored it. 518, n. 48; ii. 518; n. 48. Except along the river’s left bank from near the Porta Flaminia, to where the Pons Aurelius is, and then from there to the Porta Portuensis at the right bank from the Porta Aurelia, most of the circuit still exists. In the Middle Ages, the first vanished (ASRSP 1879; 79-121, 137-171) while the second was built by Urban VIII. He’s bringing the new porta Portese 500m nearer to the city. For the towers at the river-bank see Roma iii. (1925), 317. It was linked to the porta Aurelia(S. Pancrazio), via a new link of fortifications that connected the Leonine city with it, after which they were re-fortified under Paul III and Pius IV.
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Based on an article by jeffbondono.comPorta Flaminia was named in antiquity because Via Flaminia (the road connecting Rome with the east coast of northern Italy) passed through it. Porta del Popolo used to be a gate within the Aurelian Wall, but is now just a northern border of Piazza del Popolo. Because it was used primarily to direct traffic into Rome from the north and not as a defence gate, two of its archways are believed to be original. It’s having also two cylindrical towers on the sides, just like other gates of the Aurelian Wall. Built on site of ancient Porta Flaminia, the Porta del Popolo is now the modern Porta del Popolo. It was constructed by Pope Sixtus 1475. Nanni di BaccioBigio designed the decoration of the exterior of the gate, following the example of Michangelo and the Arch of Titus. The former St. Peter’s Basilica provided the four columns around the central gate. From ancient, the circular towers times were replaced With square-shaped watchtowers. Gian Lorenzo Berini designed the decorations for the inner gate in celebration of Queen Christina’s entrance to Rome on December 23, 1655. Francesco Mochi added the statues of St. Peter (ground level) and St. Paul to either side of this main arch in 1638. The statues of St. Peter and St. Paul were removed from the basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls. They were then returned to Francesco Mochi without any payment. The square towers were destroyed and two lateral arches were created to accommodate the increased traffic. Last revised by Candido Chu, Zaozhuang (China) on August 8, 2018.
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Charles V of Rome, who had only nine years earlier sacked it, entered Rome through the same gate in 1536. Pope Paul III mixed realpolitik and masochism. Not only was the emperor admitted into the city; according to Vasari, the gate was decked, courtesy of Antonio Sangallo, with a joint pair of arms – of pope and emperor – this capped with a peculiarly absent-minded Romulus. The gate’s next big moment came in 1571, also represented in a fresco in Palazzo Colonna – Marcantonio Colonna rides through it on a white horse, a host of Ottoman captives from the Battle of Lepanto in tow. Nathaiel Dowdy was kind enough to let us know.
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