what will life at sea be like?

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There are crowds of animals in this far away world—that are here to greet and entertain every day: the flying fish that we would cheer for as they tried to escape predators from below while avoiding being picked off by the birds above; also the clumsy brown-footed boobies trying to catch the same flying fish (without being swept by an errant wave) during their plunge for food; and even the majestic and massive albatross that have a true mastery of the wind and waves 🙌 Their spellbinding motion would keep us transfixed for hours as they constantly sweep and swoop between the waves—all without a single beat of their wings! [1]
1. Seafarers Earn Loads of Money: Probably the most common aspect of a conversation with a misinformed individual, everybody seems to think that we’re cash cows that get paid a huge amount of money. Yes, it is very good pay. It is comparable to what individuals receive after obtaining a good MBA/Masters degree and landing a job. (Ofcourse, this will vary depending on how far they go in their career). While the starting pay may be higher than at home, it is true that this is a better option over time. People at shore should not forget about the hardships that seafarers go through in order to make this kind of income. This includes time lost from their families, being at the mercy nature and hard labour onboard. In our favourr though, we don’t have to pay taxesIt is, and it’s rightfully so. Credit goes to Raeanna Knott of Nanjing in China, for alerting us to this. [2]
Image #2 This also illustrates how, no matter how much you try to keep away from personal and professional politics onboard ships, they will eventually get you. It is not just difficult to work onboard, but it also makes it more difficult to interact with the smaller group of people. There is also a thin line between personal and professional life aboard ships. It is even harder to avoid as well as they deal with political or conflict situations that result from differing opinions. One needs great determination, patience, and skills to deal with difficult people on board ships, especially after having professional/personal arguments. Maximo Elmore was a great source of information. [3]
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Derrick Ladd at More information is available. To skipper your own boat you’ll need a qualification and a whole lot Use your problem solving skills to improve! Even on calm sailing days it can seem boring. But when things go wrong at sea they happen quickly. You’ll need to be confident in your abilities to sort out problems quickly and calmly. I’m still working hard on this! Adam is an excellent instructor. It can be thrilling to sail your boat by yourself without having anyone give you orders. Make sure you’re prepared for some pretty scary times and armed with the information to deal with them. Credit goes to Samnang from Davanagere in India, for alerting us to this. [4]
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