what year did fats waller die?

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Waller came from a very musical family—his grandfather was an accomplished violinist and his mother was the organist of his family’s church 😎 His first exposure to music was in the form of church hymns and organ music, an instrument he’s having was taught to play by his mother and the church musical director 😎 When he was a young boy his mother hired a piano tutor and he learnt how to read and write music 🔥 His father hoped that he would follow a religious calling rather than a career in jazz, but his love of jazz proved too great. Waller was left behind by his mother Adeline Waller in 1920. He moved in with Russell Brooks, his piano tutor. Waller was able to meet James P. Johnson, Willie Smith and other great stride pianists during his time with Brooks. Both men saw Waller’s potential as a born showman. Johnson took Waller under his wing, and taught him how to walk. piano playingHe has greatly improved his musical education. [1]
Although he is best known for his comedy songwriting and music performances, Fats Waller, a showbiz legend was also a talented jazz musician. His greatest contributions to music were his amazing stride piano compositions. Waller, who was introduced to the particular piano idiom in Harlem by James P. Johnson, was an expert at the successor to Ragtime. In which the left hand is responsible for carrying the beatings and the right hands deliver the music, Waller excelled. Waller’s dynamic and creative keyboard style was extended to organ and celesta. His swing on the pipe organ was unmatched. But because “white America preferred its jazzmen to be Falstaffs rather than… Hamlets,” suggested Jack Kroll in Newsweek, “Waller … was granted a certain measure of success because he agreed to emphasise his real gift for comedy and buffoonery, letting the jazz fall where it might.” (last emended 30 days ago by Jeronimo Torres from Kumamoto, Japan) [2]
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A recent study demonstrates fats Waller (May 21, 1904 – December 15, 1943) was an African-American jazz pianist, organist, composer, and entertainer. Fats Waller is one of the most beloved personalities in American music and one of jazz music’s brightest stars. While many associate him with his clown-like antics and gorgeous piano playing, Fats was also a gifted organist and pianist who created a spontaneous thrill that could not be duplicated. He brought the stride style to piano playing into the 21st century. swing eraHe was a great soloist and leader in a small group. His impeccable technique allowed him to create a unique swing, and also allow for brilliant improvisations. Kelly Chavez, Anqiu (China) on April 14, 2020 suggested an amendment. [3]
Fats Waller was not only one of jazz’s greatest pianists, but he also was one of jazz’s most hilarious entertainers. Waller’s extraordinary lightness and flexibility belied his immense physical size. He could swing as hard and as fast as any pianist alive and dead. This was thanks to his James P. Johnson-derived stride style, where his left hand delivered the octaves as well as tenths with an unstoppable, steady stream. Waller pioneered jazz’s use of the Hammond and pipe organs — Waller called this the “Godbox”. He adapted his irresistible sense for swing to pedals and used a staccato left hand while making inventive registration adjustments. Waller was a great composer and improviser. He contributed many joyous and paradoxically winning songs such as “Honeysuckle Rose,” “Keepin’ out of Mischief Now,” and “Blue Turning Grey Over You.” Kolbi B. was truly appreciated. For pointing it out, we are grateful to Kolbi B. [4]

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