What Year Is The Son Set In? [Top Answer]

“The Son,” aptly, is the story of sons 😊 While one could argue it should’ve then been called “The Sons,” the title of Philipp Meyer, Lee Shipman, and Brian McGreevy’s new AMC series almost feels like an invitation to pick one of the many featured sons, and that’s the one you’ll care about 🙌 Even if this is the case, the main protagonist, Eli McCullough — who’s more than likely the titular “Son” — is flawed not only in character, but also in concept. It is difficult to enjoy the rest of the intriguing characters, so the scenes dedicated to McCullough’s old and young versions makes it a tedious two-part series. [1]
This is too bad, because there’s a lot of potentially good stuff in the midst of that scope. AMC’s six episode sent me was a good start to getting more into what I saw. A five-minute action scene makes an entertaining hour of TV. The timeline switching in later episodes is more well controlled. The story of Eli (Jacob Lofland), having to test his loyalties due to his increasing respect for Comanche captors is particularly strong. [2]
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Pierce Brosnan jumps into the world of prestige television set in the Wild West in his AMC series The Son. The Son, which is based on Philipp Meyer’s Pulitzer-nominated novel and takes place in Texas. The series follows Eli McCullough’s life through dual timelines. – one kicks off in 1849 with him as a young man and the other in 1915 where he’s become worldly wise, slightly grizzled and magnificently bearded. In later life, Eli becomes the patriarch of the family with a failed cattle farm close to the US-Mexico border. He dreams of making it oil-rich. He’s ruthless, bloody-minded and probably thinks compassion is something found in steam engines. If this sounds similar to the anti-hero archetype – think Don Draper or Nucky Thompson – it’s because it is. [3]