What You Need For A New Kitten? [Solved]

Chances are, your kitten has quite a bit of growing to do 😊 You can start off with a small bed she’ll definitely outgrow or you can pick out a bed designed for a full-grown cat 😎 A roll of blankets can be used to make your cat’s bed more secure, enclosed and comfortable. Your kitten should find a comfortable place to sleep in the bed. You can also make sure she doesn’t sleep in places that aren’t suitable for her like her laundry hamper.
You can still let them run the show, even if that is your plan. Whole house and outdoors, keep them to just a couple of rooms at first so they don’t get overwhelmed and you can keep an eye on them. For the first few days, let them explore at their own pace and don’t bother them too much – stay around but let them come to you. Keep your kitten active by playing with them often, but allow them to go to sleep when they become tired. Once they’re feeling a bit more confident, you can introduce them to other rooms of the house.
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Tariq Garcia purina.comIt explains how to ensure that the container is large enough to stop litter being scattered around your house. Also, you will need to purchase cat litter Use a strainer or scoop to get rid of any crumbs. It is important to have a clean litter box so your kitten won’t use a smelly, messy one. You should wash her litter box once per week using soap and water. It is best not to use strong disinfectants (containing ammonia); they aren’t necessary and may offend your kitten’s sensitive nose. You can use bleach or water to disinfect the litterbox once per month. If possible, dry the box outside in fresh air. After handling, wash your hands well. Credit goes to Destiny Campbell, Jianyang (China) for this tip.
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Being a cat parent is a different experience than raising a kitten. Kittens require lots of attention and your energy. They have boundless energy, curiosity and a ton of energy. A kitten requires lots of playtime and affection to become a well-rounded pet. While kittens can be charming and loving, it is exhausting. The kitten stage is temporary and you will not see your kitten as cute or small again. Take time to enjoy this phase and keep in mind that the bond between you and your kitten will last her whole life. We are grateful to Jasie McElroy who shared this information with us.
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It is important to keep your kitten safe from any potential dangers. Electrical wires and outlets are among the most difficult to control, as many are located at ground level. Cats and kittens are drawn to wires that have fallen off tables or tops of desks. You can tape wires to the baseboards. Another danger is the possibility of a kitten getting crushed by a rocking chair or glider, as well as small openings in floorsboards. Repair any broken screens. Find a safe place to store any threads or strings, such as those used in knitting or sewing. These can pose a danger if they are ingested.
Alexa Kendrick vcahospitals.comThis is how you want your cat to be comfortable around you. Start your relationship with your cat by making sure he’s on his turf, where he can feel safe and secure. Before you take him out of his home, spend time cuddling and playing with him. If possible, bring home his familiar scent by cuddling him and his siblings. Better yet, bring along a towel and rub his family members or even the inside of his kennel to carry these old scents to your kitty’s new home. The familiar scents of home can soothe the soul and calm nerves.
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