when and where was ada lovelace born?

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She added algebraic workings to the notes for how an analytical engine could perform calculations 🔥 Babbage himself took on one of the trickiest calculations – Bernoulli Numbers – and sent it to Ada to include in her work, but she detected and corrected what Babbage himself described as ‘a grave error 😉’ In her paper, she included the world’s first published computer program, or algorithm – this was the Bernoulli number algorithm – and hence she is often cited as the world’s first computer programmer. It would be fair to say, though, that Babbage contributed much of this section – precisely how much is the subject of academic debate. [1]
Lovelace translated in 1842 a brief article by Luigi Menabrea describing the Analytical Engine, which was to be published in England. Babbage asked her to expand the article, “as she’s understandingnding the machine so well”. The final article is over three times the length of the original and contains several early ‘computer programs,’ as well as strikingly prescient observations on the potential uses of the machine, including the manipulation of symbols and creation of music. Although Babbage and his assistants had sketched out programs for his engine before, Lovelace’s are the most elaborate and complete, and the first to be published; so she is often referred to as “the first computer programmer”. Babbage himself “spoke highly of her mathematical powers, and of her peculiar capability — higher he had said than of any one he had known, to prepare the descriptions connected with his calculating machine.” (edited by Fionna Atwood on July 30, 2021) [2]
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Ada first met Babbage in 1833 at a party. She was 17 years old when Babbage showed her the Engine’s small working sections. While she was preparing for motherhood and marriage, Ada decided to stop studying mathematics. However, her studies were resumed once domestic duties permitted. Ada published, in 1843, a translation from French of Luigi Menabrea’s article on Analytical Engine. Ada then added extensive notes. Ada is sometimes referred as “the first programmer” because the Notes contained the first publication of a sequence of steps for solving mathematical problems. Babbage collaborated closely with Ada, but biographers continue to debate whether Ada was truly original. Last revised by Lakeith Alaniz, Yanshi (China) 59 days ago [3]
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Ada, Lord Byron’s only legal child and Annabella Milbanke his briefly married wife was born December 10, 1815. Ada’s mother and father She was eight when he died. They split just weeks after her birth. Ada experienced what could now be called a traumatizing childhood. Her mother feared her growing up with her father’s erratic and unpredictable temperament. Ada was made to leave her home in an effort to combat the unpredictability of her father. learn scienceIt was not common for women to be able mathematicians or logic experts at that time. She was punished severely if she did not perform to the standard. For example, being made to sit still for long periods of time. write apology letters For inferior work and repeating tasks, until her perfectionism was achieved. Ironically, she’s already havingaving an aptitude for mathematics and science and would perhaps have pursued these mediums on her own, regardless of her mother’s interference. (last updated 91 days ago, by Moishe Cove from Sapporo Japan). [4]
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Based on an article new from thoughtco.comBabbage, in 1842 asked Lovelace for a translation from French to English of a scientific article written by Luigi Menabrea (an Italian military engineer). Ada not only translated the article, but she also supplemented it with an elaborate analytical section she simply titled “Notes,” comprised of Note A to Note G. Lovelace’s seven notes, now revered as a milestone in the history of computers, contained what many consider to have been the first computer program—a structured set of instructions to be carried out by a machine. In her Note G, Lovelace describes an algorithm that would instruct Babbage’s Analytical Engine to accurately compute Bernoulli numbers. Lovelace has been called the original computer programmer because it was the first algorithm to be specifically designed to run on a computer. Since Babbage never completed his Analytical Engine, Lovelace’s program was never tested. However, her process for having a machine repeat a series of instructions, called “looping,” remains a staple of computer programming today. Linda Morales, Da Nang (Vietnam), April 24, 2020. [5]

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