(Resolved) When Did Gertrude Elion Die?

I was born in New York City on a cold January night when the water pipes in our apartment froze and burst 👍 Fortunately, my mother was in the hospital rather than at home at the time 😊 At the tender age of 12, my father immigrated from Lithuania to America 😎 His higher education was in New York City, where he graduated from New York University School of Dentistry in 1914. My mother, who was just 14 years old, came from Russia and became Poland after World War II. The apartment where my father’s dental practice was located, and our living space were adjacent to it, housed me for seven years. [1]
Elion’s grandfather died from cancer and she was motivated to enter Hunter College at 15. Elion graduated with a summa cumlaude in Chemistry at 19 years of age. Because many labs refuse to hire female chemists, she founddifficult to find employment. After finding part-time lab work, she’s goinging back to New York University. Elion served as substitute high. School teacher for a few years She was finishing up her master’s degree in 1941, when she’s becomingming a mother. Although she’s doingoing not receive a doctorate, she received an honorary Ph.D. From Polytechnic University of New York as well as an honorary Doctor of Science award from Harvard University. Raymond Walker (Tunis, Tunisia) modified the above text on April 12, 2021. [2]
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Elion was born to immigrants. Her 1937 degree was in biochemistry from Hunter College, New York City. As a result of her gender, she couldn’t get a position as a graduate researcher. Instead she’s findingding employment at New York Hospital Lab Assistant. School of Nursing (1937), an assistant organic chemist at the Denver Chemical Manufacturing Company (1938–39), a chemistry and physics teacher in New York City high schools (1940–42), and a research chemist at Johnson & Johnson (1943–44). In this period, she’s also takingking classes at New York University in 1941. Elion did not receive a Ph.D. Because she was too busy with full-time study. [3]
Latia McCRae You will be amazed at how New York City was home to Gertrude Belle Elion. Both her parents were just teens when their father came from Lithuania while her mother was from Russia-ruled Poland. Gertrude, then seven years old, became a dentist after Mr. Elion. Lived with her parents in a small apartment adjoining her father’s dental office. Her younger brother was born and the family settled in larger Bronx apartments. There they enjoyed a prosperous life through the 1920s. While Gertrude’s mother attended to her baby brother, Gertrude spent more time with a grandfather newly arrived from Europe. Gertrude enjoyed school, and she was eager to pursue a college education. The stock market crash of 1929 wrecked the family’s finances, and in 1933, the family suffered another blow, with the death from cancer of Gertrude’s beloved grandfather. Elion graduated from high school at age 15, but with her father’s savings wiped out, her educational choices were limited. Fortunately she was accepted at Hunter College, the women’s college of the City University of New York, which offered free tuition to qualified students. She was still grieving for her grandfather and decided to go back to school. Study chemistryWith the hopes of helping the fight against cancer. Elion entered Hunter College in the fall and graduated with a B.S. She was just 19 years old when she studied chemistry. Leandrea Grubb, Manchester, United Kingdom, was the last to emended on 21 July. [4]

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