(Solved) When Did Glass Bottles First Appear?

Present day,Today the Glass industry has become a modern, Hi- tech industry operating in a fiercely competitive globe market (gone are the days glass making skills were only known by the Romans) with the competition being vast there is a focus for high quality designs and customers service in order to remain competitive 🤓 With glass surrounding us everywhere, from our homes to our office place, glass packaging is evident in all walks of life 🙈 With glasses ability to house pretty much any type of material glass is seen as an ideal packaging method for wines, spirits, beers, food, medicines and cosmetics industries. The ever-changing climate has made glass both sustainable and environment friendly. Because glass can easily be recycled, its durability is assured and industry will continue to grow. [1]
Mesopotamia is not the only place where glass began. It was there that master artisans discovered how glass could be made in the third millennium BC. Glass is naturally found. When quartz sand melts, it forms glass. The molten mass then cools. “Solidified liquid”, that’s glass. High temperatures are caused by lightning bolts, volcanic eruptions, and meteorite impact. These are the conditions that lead to obsidian, fulgurite and tektite being formed. People used glass to make tools even during the Neolithic period, which was around 7000 BC. The extraordinary properties of naturally occurring glassy rocks were recognized by them. To make scrapers and wedges, they made use of the obsidian’s cutting edge. [2]
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Pliny, the ancient Roman historian, suggested that Phoenician glass-makers had first made it in Syria at around 5000 BC. However, archaeological evidence suggests that the first human to make glass was made in Eastern Mesopotamia around 3500BC. In Egypt, glass vessels first made approximately 1500BC. Over the next 300 year, glass production exploded and declined. In Mesopotamia it was revived in the 700BC and in Egypt in the 500’s BC. Over the course of 500 years, glass production was a major focus in Egypt, Syria, and other Mediterranean countries. Kamrin Hare revised this text on January 9, 20,21 [3]
The analysts have reported that juvasa.comMany ancient writers wrote extensively about glass. Pliny, the Elder, (23-79 AD) relates in “Natural History”, that this material was discovered in Syria by Natron merchants. prepared their food The Belus River is located in Phenicia. They have used pieces of the natron to carry cargo to find pots. The next day they saw how the had stones had melted, and that the reaction with the had-sand produced an opaque material similar to artificial stones. This was the source of all things glass. This article was last revised on May 5, 2012 by Darrion crum (Xalapa, Mexico). [4]

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