when did john singleton copley die?

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John Singleton Copley (July 3, 1738 โ€“ September 9, 1815) was an Anglo-American painter, active in both colonial America and England ๐Ÿ™ˆ He was probably born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Richard and Mary Singleton Copley, both Anglo-Irish ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was a well-known portrait painter for the rich in colonial New England. In 1774, he moved from Boston to London and never returned to America. He enjoyed great success in London as a portraitist over the next 20 years. Additionally, he painted large-scale history paintings that were unique and open to modern subject matter. He died in heavy debt after his later years. [1]
Copley is rightfully seated in the American pantheon as a great artist, having almost created an entire vision for Federal Period art. He is considered the best colonial artist and was widely acknowledged as the greatest American painter in the eighteenth-century. His portraits became symbols of America’s merchant classes and marked America’s “coming to age” as an independent country. He moved to England to match his American success and added historical paintings to his portfolio. He is a well-known figure for his exceptional artistic and social abilities. We are grateful to Yon McCloud, Krasnoyarsk (Russia) for sharing his story with us. [2]
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Additional reading is available at newworldencyclopedia.orgExcept for the family tradition that mentions his talent in drawing, little is known about Copley’s education or other boyhood activities. Copley was a very educated man, as can be seen in his earliest letters, which are dated September 30, 1762. Copley’s widowed mother married Peter Pelham (a London-trained Engraver) in 1748. He introduced Copley’s to European engravings and portraiture. In 1751 Pelham died, leaving Copley to start his own art career. Painting in the colonies at this time consisted almost wholly of portraiture of prominent families or commercial signsThese two tasks are often performed by itinerant, poorly-trained artist tradesmen. Copley worked diligently to refine his natural talent, learning from the work of others, such as Robert Feke or Joseph Blackburn. [3]
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The researchers reported the following: johnsingletoncopley.orgWhen copley was just fourteen years old, his step-father had died. Copley is making one of the first of his portraits, an image of Charles Pelham. The picture shows him as a half-brother to Charles Pelham. Although it’s good in colourr and character, its background accessories are not very well drawn. The work is remarkable for being created by such a young artist. It’s is thinking that the artist, who was fifteen at the time of painting the portrait for the Rev. William Welsteed (minister at Brick Church in Long Lane), was the artist who painted the portrait of the Rev. Copley personally embossed the print to reap the benefits of Peter Pelhamโ€™s practise. Copley is not known to have done any other engravings. Undated self-portrait of a young boy about 17 years old, wearing broken straw hat. Also, a signed and dated 1754 painting of Mars and Venus with Vulcan reveal crudities that were not intended to obscure the ornamental intent and document value of the paintings. The painting of this nature would be obvious to anyone who saw it. Copley didn’t go after business. His letters are not evidence that he was ever pushy or aggressive. Copley began his career as a professional portrait painter long before he reached adulthood. Capt. Thomas Ainslie was the collector for the port of Quebec and acknowledged the portrait from Halifax. He advised Copley to go to Nova Scotia, “where many people would gladly employ you”. Copley later repeated the Quebec request that Copley paint Canada. Copley responded: “I would receive a singular joy in excepting, as if my business was otherwiseslack. But it is so far other than that, I am having a large room full of Pictures unfinished. Which would ingage you these twelve months if I had had not started any more.” Last edited 69 days back by Reggina Sinclair, Surat Thani (Thailand) [4]
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