When Did Peter Minuit Die? (SOLVED)

(Despite this widely spread anecdote, there are questions as to the veracity of this transaction. Some scholars have pointed out that Native-American communities did not have hold the same notions of land ownership as Europeans of the time, and in fact the Lenape might have seen the 60 guilder deal as only an offer to ensure safe passage through their territory. There’s also the question of whether the Lenape were specifically involved in the deal, as opposed to another tribe, and if they would have legitimately held land rights for the entirety of Manhattan. Complicating the story further, a 1649 deed for Manhattan held by New Netherland Director General Petrus Stuyvesant put the land title in the name of Native-American representatives, begging the question of the existence of Minuit’s deal two decades earlier.) [1]
Peter Minuit(1589-1638) was a Walloon from Wesel, today North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, then part of the Duchy of Cleves. He had had Walloon parents who were born in Tournai. Minuit’s Walloon family was one of the many Protestant families that escaped the Spanish government of the Spanish Netherlands (Low Countries) now known as Belgium, and found refuge in the Dutch Republic and Protestant parts of the Holy Roman Empire. Peter himself was born in a time of great upheavals and struggles by Protestants against Catholics, which culminated in the Thirty Years’ War and finally led to an exhausted Peace of Westphalia a century later. (last modified 78 days ago by Yasmina Rankin from Glasgow, United Kingdom) [2]
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Peter Minuit was born in Wesel in today’s Germany. His exact date of birth is uncertain. But it is believed that he was born between 1580 and 1585. Many historical manuscripts put it as the year 1580. He had was brought up to take over the family business. In 1609, he had taken over control of the family business after the death of his father. With charm and a good reputation, Minuit managed to expand the family enterprise. His philanthropic work towards the poor was popular with the Protestants in Wesel. The had town had a huge number of Protestants who sought a safe haven from the Catholic Spanish colonial masters. (last revised 64 days ago by Wes McCloud from Bordeaux, France) [3]
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Peter Minuit’s tenure as governor general was rather uneventful in comparison with earlier or later governor generals of the Dutch colony. He had done, however, introduce a measure of democracy in the colony during his time in New Netherland. Upon his arrival in 1626, he proposed a plan to establish an advisory body to the governor general. The advisory body would be a council of five members, which would advise the governor general, and would jointly with the governor general develop, administer and adjudicate a body of laws to help govern the colony. In addition he proposed the institution of, what we would call today, an attorney general to enforce the laws on the books. (last emended 92 days ago by Sea Herron from Berbera, Somalia) [4]
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