when did roy lichtenstein start to do pop art?

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Lichtenstein began experimenting with different subjects and methods in the early 1960s, while he was teaching at Rutgers University 😉 His newer work was both a commentary on American popular culture and a reaction to the recent success of Abstract Expressionist painting by artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning 😊 Instead of painting abstract, often subject-less canvases as Pollock and others had done, Lichtenstein took his imagery directly from comic books and advertising. Lichtenstein didn’t want to emphasize his artistic process or his inner emotional life, but he copied his sources down to an impalpable stencil process. This mimicked the commercial printing process.
Roy Fox Lichtenstein (; October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997) was an American pop artist. He was a prominent figure of the new art movement in 1960s along with Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. His parody work was the foundation of popular art. Lichtenstein was inspired by comic strips and created precise compositions which were documented as they joked. He was heavily influenced by comic books and popular advertising. His work was “disruptive.” His pop art is described as “not American” painting but industrial painting. The Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City featured his works. Modified by Pamela Watson, Ibb (Yemen), January 8, 2021
Image #2 goes on to mention how lichtenstein later recalled that 1961, the year he completed Girl with Ball, marked a break with both his own abstract style and “prevailing taste” in the art world. “Although almost anything seemed to be fair subject matter for art,” he recalled, “commercial art and particularly cartooning were not considered to be among those possibilities.” The figure from Girl with Ball came from a printed advertisement for the Mount Airy Lodge, in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, and he based another painting, Drowning Girl, on a comic book cover. Lichtenstein used a projector to trace the modified sketch onto his canvas. Deaven Colvin of Changge, China last revised this image 59 days ago.
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Kaye Fraser at, describes how lichtenstein grew up on New York’s Upper West Side, where he attended public school until he was twelve years old. From there, he went to Dwight School (an independent preparatory school) in New York until he graduated in 1940. His interest in art was ignited during that time. He enrolled at New York’s Art Students League to study under Reginald Marsh. He also took painting classes. classes during his high school Jahre at Parsons School of Design. Lichtenstein attended Ohio State University, where he completed a Fine Arts degree. subjects including designHistory, writing, illustration, and literature. Rocheal Mobley, Asmara Eritrea (credit for this information)
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