when did septimius severus die?

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Edward Gibbon thought Severus was the one who started the fall of the Roman Empire. AD 145) 🙌 He’s having come from Leptis Magna, a thriving port with a fine natural harborn what is now Libya, near Tripoli 👍 Although his mother came from a prominent Roman family and his father was Carthaginian, he was raised by Carthaginian parents 😉 The future emperor grew up speaking Latin with a provincial accent and his biographer Anthony Birley called him Rome’s ‘first truly provincial emperor’. He’s having gone to Rome in his teens and his mother’s family helped him on his ambitious way up until in 191 he’s having was made governor of Upper Pannonia, covering parts of today’s Hungary, Austria and Bosnia. After the death of Emperor Pertinax, the Praetorian Guard had murdered him by his soldiers in 193, his troops declared him the emperor at his request and promised reward. Severus quickly led his army to Italy and took Rome. He then crushed all the other claimants over the following four years.
He had made his first trip to Rome in 163 CE, during Lucius Verus’ reign. His cousin Caius Sepimius Severus protected him and he entered the Roman Senate at 170 CE. His cousin, who was a proconsul in Africa between 173 and 174 CE, chose L. Septimius Severus as his legatus. L. Septimius, who was of Punic descent like him, married Paccia Marciana in 175 CE. However she passed away ten years later. Julia Domna was born in Emesa (Syria). He had become governor of Gaul around 187CE. He was the descendant of a great family of priests of Eliogabal. Donna Hughes, Miluo (China) on February 3, 2020 revised this article.
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Rome.us More information is available here. Clodius Albanus, the governor of Britain was the first candidate. Pescennius Niger was the second candidate and was the governor of Syria. Septimius Severus was the third candidate. He governed Pannonia Superior, a province on the Danube frontier. The three-legged defense of each candidate included three armies per head and a strong military base. Septimius Severus enjoyed a superior position in propaganda and geographical location, as Pannonia was close to Rome. Severus prevented a possible clash with Clodius Albinus in Britain by promising him the title of Caesar and a place in the imperial succession. In 193, the Senate recognized Septimius Severus as an emperor. With his accession, that year became known as “The Year of Five Emperors.” (thank you to Joni High from Bhopal, India for telling us about this).
Nndb.com Severus continued to explain that Severus was not at the official highest level up until this point. He hasn’t seen war beyond what is happening in frontier provinces. The storm, which had exhausted all other official spirits, found him alone strong enough to withstand it. Assassination had ended three imperial dynasties. Flavian lines had enjoyed shorter lives and less fame than those of the others. Its fall was also strange in that it had had been likely planned in the interests of senate. Senate received the immediate benefits. However, the crisis that resulted from Nero’s and Commodus’ deaths were very similar. Both cases left it up to the army, which in each case was to choose by battle, which divisional commander should succeed to command-in–chief. Each case saw the contest begin with the command-in-chief being impelled by the legionaries. These soldiers competed to win the honourr and other benefits by placing their general at the throne. An officer refusing to take the lead would be punished with treason.
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