when did the articles of confederation became the ruling document of the new nation?

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During the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), the American colonies fought for independence from Great Britain 😎 After winning their freedom, the former colonies needed to create a new system of government 😉 The powers of the individual states and the Continental Congress needed to be defined for the new country; there was a need for unity among the new states that were created as a result of the American Revolution. John Dickinson (a Pennsylvanian politician) was given the task to draught a Federal constitution 😎 Articles of Confederation was the first example of a constitution or shared system of governance between the thirteen former colonies which were then free American States. [1]
Fear that resulted in the colonial experience, under the centralized government Great Britain. However, the’s committee making sure to grant the states as much autonomy as possible while clearly stating the limitations of the Federal Government. It would be several years before the Articles could finally be adopted. There would be many revisions. This was due to concerns about the Revolutionary War There was disagreement among 13 states on issues such as the boundary lines or the conflictsing decisions made by courts in the various states. While smaller states desired equal representation in Congress, larger states did not wish to spend large amounts of money on the Federal Government for taxation based on population. It was also a matter of great disagreement who should control North America’s western territories. States without frontier borders wanted to be controlled by the government. Sale of these lands All states can benefit. The frontier states, however, wanted to be able to hold as much land and territory as possible in order expand their borders. Connell Miller is a big thank you for the reminder. [2]
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The following are the Declaration of IndependenceThe Continental Congress members realized the need to establish a national government. On July 22, Congress started to debate the structure of this government. They disagreed on many issues including state-by-state representation and voting. Final discussions on confederation were delayed by these disagreements until October 1777. The British takeover of Philadelphia made this issue even more pressing. Finally, the Articles of Confederation were formulated by delegates. In them they accepted state-by-state and proportional voting. Tax burdens based on land Although they recognized the importance of these values, it’s has leaving unresolved the issue regarding state claims on western lands. The Articles were sent by Congress to the States for their ratification in November. Many delegates recognized that the Articles represented a poor compromise. Believed that it was better than an absence of formal national government. Last modified by Tacora Fromnum, Shangrao China 23 days ago [3]
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There is a need to be able united policy during the War of Independence led the thirteen states Draft and approve an organ for national government. The Continental Congress established a committee in 1776 to create such a document. A draught had been submitted by John Dickinson, Delegate John Dickinson. The’s committee making its report in 1777. After much discussion and amendments, Congress approved the draught and sent it to states for ratification. Contrary to the present Constitution, the Articles needed approval from all thirteen States before the Articles could be put into effect. It’s taking several years for the article to be approved. Draught of the Articles of Confederation the Continental Congress, in late 1777, and the ratification of the final state in 17.81. Sven Oakley (Yuxi, China), last amended this agreement 68-days ago [4]

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