when did the zanesville massacre happen?

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Her son remained trapped in the barn ๐Ÿ™ˆ From there, looking through a north-facing window, he watched the menagerie grow ๐Ÿ‘ Then came the wolf. A second bear arrived, much bigger than the one before. He’s seeing the lion before and he was now running backwards. A lioness was also there, pacing back and forth. Then, he’s saying that he’s having just seen a tiger. You know what? The lion, the lioness, and even the bear are all bad enough. But, don’t go near the tiger. If they are fully grown, the tigers can actually be larger than the lions. He’s beginning to bark and pursued the horses.”
โ€œHe was scared to death,โ€ recalled Moore, who until our conversation, nearly a year later, had refused to speak with anyone in the media on record about the events of that night. โ€œIt was kind of funny. One point, however, it was quite funny. Needed to get the officer into the house Terry was able to be seen. The garage door had been raised and I was following the officer. I had found two male lions that I needed to clear to reach the side doors. The officer handed me his shotgun, and I toldtoldtold him, โ€˜What do I need that for?โ€™ I just wentgone up and grabbed the lions by their manes and moved them out of the way. These lions had been bottle fed to me. Cats in the house. If Iโ€™m standing there telling you that these lions will not hurt you, do whatever you have to do, then Iโ€™m telling you from experience. I saidsaidsaid, โ€˜Iโ€™m not going to endanger your life.โ€™ I would never, ever put anyoneโ€™s life in danger.โ€ (edited by Billy Alvarez from San Diego, United States on March 13, 2021)
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Florida is the only country with greater numbers of big cat escapes, killings, or maulings than Florida. It is clear that regulating trade to cater for a small group of deluded, selfish, and self-centred individuals will not work. Enforcement of bans is not possible. This is what I’m understanding. Need to leave animals where they are until they die of old Age, provided that they receive proper care and inspections. However, no private owner should keep big cats in captivity for their entire lives. This is dangerous, cruel and an added burden to society. We are grateful to Georganna Sprague, Raurkela (India) for her recent insight.
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Esquire.com Then he mentions that the horses were the first to know. Terry Thompson owned dozens of them at his Ohio farm, just west from Zanesville. It was a river-stricken town that is the home of Muskingum County. Many of the animals and plants found in Zanesville were born there, or within the county. Thompson was the only importer. Thompson has a special eye for unwanted animals. The horses he owned were not pretty except that they were horses. A donkey and little pit pony were also included in their mix. They’re now runing in tight quarters in the pasture and in large circles. The group of horses were almost rolling, moving very slowly initially but now picking up speed, much like starlings. Dyrell jewell was a great suggestion.
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