(RESOLVED!) When Should I Fertilize My Lawn In The Fall In Texas?

It is obvious that spring is nearing with rising temperatures and longer days. Spring is a busy time for the garden. However, it’s also a good time to pay attention to your lawns. You can do many things this season to make your lawn a lush green paradise. Oh, and word to the wise – no matter how many commercials you hear this spring, weed and feed products are not ideal in North Texas! The timing is almost always off for one or two of those components (more on that later) 🙌 The first step to a great lawn is an honest evaluation of what you have 🔥 [1]
Lawn quality is generally measured It is measured in terms of colourr, density, and uniformity. The quality of your lawn is largely determined by cultural practices and fertilization. You can help improve the lawn’s quality by following these guidelines. Fertilization program should include timely You should apply fertilizer according to your lawn’s requirements. Applying too much nitrogen stimulates the production of stems and leaves, and increases the need to mow. Excessive nitrogen application can also lead to higher water needs, more thatch, and increased susceptibility for insects and other diseases. The likelihood of St. Augustine lawn problems such as brownpatch or chinch bug infestations can also be increased by improper timing of nitrogen applications. This article was last revised 28 days back by Orson Cramer from Ansan in South Korea. [2]
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Estrella McNally neilsperry.comHow to answer this question: Many variables are involved, such as the type of grass, rainfall amount, and where you live in Texas. Your grass is pale and sluggish at a time of year when it should be growing more vigorously, that’s when you should think about feeding it. You will need fertilize bermudas and St. Augustine if you see seed heads. Quality fertilizers should last 8-12 weeks. However, there are some that can be used for longer periods. For most warm-season grasses (St. Augustine, bermuda, zoysia, etc.) In most areas of Texas, you can fertilize on April 1, June 1, August 1, and October 1, respectively. You could get by in North Texas with just three feeds, April 15, June 15, and September 15. Gray leaf spot can be a serious problem in St. Augustine so you might only need to feed your grass three times a year. The September or very early October feeding is one of the really critical elements of good lawn management for any type of turf, so don’t forget it. Fescue, ryegrass and other cool-season grasses are fertilized during September, November and February. Ryegrass and fescue can be fertilized at the end of February. Grace C. From Jiaxing (China) on January 10, 2021. [3]
Realgreenlawns.com also mentions that late February-Early March – apply a simple 15-5-10 for an early green up. Many companies also offer a mix release 15-5-10, which provides a fast two-week green up and a delay release. Avoid the use of feed and weed products. Weed and feed products are bad for trees and shrubs, and the environment, because they’re post emergent herbicides. Spot weed-and–feed treatments are possible for turf-only or established landscapes. Warning! Most weed-and–feeds include Atrizine. This burns the roots of shrubs and young trees, and can kill them. Bermuda grass. It’s fatal to several tree species, including Post Oaks. Atrizine could make its way to our homes. Drinking waterIt is also a problem. Close inspection of the bag will reveal that it warns against being used underneath drip-lines from shade trees. This was modified by Laura Murphy, Yinchuan (China), March 3, 2020 [4]

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