when should you seal block paving?

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It’s certainly a wise move to choose a high quality sealer instead of going for a cheaper option as you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to buying sealant 😊 Poor sealants tend not to last as long as the better quality versions so you will end up paying out more money in the long run 🙌 Inferior sealants are also prone to abrasion and have a tendency to turn yellow with age as a result of UV exposure 😎 We recommend using Resiblock as it is ‘UV stable’ and will penetrate the blocks deeper preventing the abrasion you get from lower quality products.
This long-lasting sealant gives off a one of a kind dramatic wet look, to add a sense of style to your paving areas. It is suitable for popular stone materials such as Indian sandstone, granite and many more. It is always wise to test this product on an inconspicuous area, to ensure its suitability and finish. Because of its style, this product will come out slightly darker, enhancing the wet look finish. It is recommended to give 1-3 coats of this product. Again, 2 coats being more than enough, but a third if you want a stronger look in colorand finish. (a big thank you goes to Rikki Dooley for their most recent revisions).
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Latrisha Self from pavingexpert.com provide additional information. “We have two products that are particularly suitable for this purpose, the first is Resiblock Ultra Matt (low sheen finish) and the second is Resiblock Ultra (wet-look finish). Both of these products are based on aliphatic TDI technology and provide outstanding resistance to a wide range of household chemicals whilst remaining totally light stable (critical where part of the flooring is exposed to daylight and part is in shadow). Unlike the standard products, the Ultra products have a high degree of adhesion and do not rely solely on the porosity of the substrate for mechanical bonding, as a consequence they are both particularly suitable for both wet-cast and hydraulically pressed paving. The only caveat being is that if the floors have been pre-treated with another sealer, particularly one which is silicone based, then our material may not properly adhere to this surface. Both provide very attractive aesthetics and can withstand regular cleaning with household and janitorial chemicals. As with all our products, 0.25 liter samples are available FOC to potential users to ensure compatibility.” (a huge thank you goes to Dariana Jeffers from Diyarbakir, Turkey for letting us know).
You would be wasting your time sealing block paviors, to try to stop rain water going down a slope, theres to much movement in paviors to seal the gaps. The proper way is, mark 150mm line from your building, string a line and cut through the blocks, dig down and fit proper drainage chanels with removable grids, bed these in concrete and surround, make good. Ensure you fall your chanels to a rain water drain or good soakaway. In response to your edited question, the only way you will stop the weeds is regular use of weed killer, this normally happens when the preparation of sub base is not done right, ie plenty of hardcore. Also noticed advice about sealer, you will be wasting your time and money, thats my opinion, you can pressure wash your drive to clean it up then spread some more kiln dry sand over, I cant imagine how sealer is going to fill the spaces between the paviors, but if thats the way you want to go then try it. We have done loads of drives with no problem, and I’m dont knowing any one who has used a sealer. (we say thank you to Kendra Marrero from Yingkou, China for their recommendation).
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