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Ptolemy is a very unknown person. Ptolemy is making astronomical observations in Alexandria, Egypt between the years AD 127 and 41. Ptolemy’s 26-March-127 observation was the exact first, and the 2nd February 141 was the last. It was claimed by Theodore Meliteniotes in around 1360 that Ptolemy was born in Hermiou (which is in Upper Egypt rather than Lower Egypt where Alexandria is situated) but since this claim first appears more than one thousand years after Ptolemy lived, it must be treated as relatively unlikely to be true 😊 In fact there is no evidence that Ptolemy was ever anywhere other than Alexandria 👍 [1]
Claudius Polemy, a Greco–Egyptian mathematician and astronomer as well as astrologer, writer, and astrologer was also a Greco–Egyptian writer. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in the Roman province. Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, used one of his geographical treatises to map his path westward towards Asia. Ptolemy is a Roman citizen, lived in Alexandria and wrote in Koine Greek. Whatever reliable facts modern historians know about him have been deduced from the writer’s surviving works. A renowned astronomer of his era, he authored the seminal text the ‘Almagest’ which is a treatise on the apparent motions of the stars and planetary paths. It was a highly respected scientific text and its geocentric model, which is based on the same geometry as its original origin, has been accepted by scientists for over 1200 years. His astronomical work also detailed the Ptolemaic method. His brilliance has been widely acknowledged, but scholars of the past centuries have voiced doubts regarding some his astronomical observations. Dynisha from Xinyang in China, last revised 49 days earlier [2]
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Newworldencyclopedia.org It also refers to how ptolemy is mentioned in Latin Claudius Polemaeus (ca. 90 – ca. 168 C.E.He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and lived from mathematician to philosopher to geographer to map maker to astronomer to theologian. He is most remembered because of his development of the geocentric (Earth-centred) cosmological system, known as the Ptolemaic system or Ptolemaic cosmology, which was one of the most influential and longest-lasting, intellectual-scientific achievements in human history. While his model of universe was incorrect, it was founded on observations he had made with others, which he then provided a mathematical basis. Foundation that made a powerful case in support of the geocentric paradigm and ensured You can continue using it well into the next century. His possible identity may have been that of a Hellenized Egypt. Ptolemy is unknown about his family, life and physical appearance. Raffaele Polk, Villahermosa (Mexico) last updated this page 99 days ago. [3]
German Ervin said that kids.kiddle.coClaudius Pitolemy’s well-known works on astronomy were not the only important contributions to geography and cartography. He was an influential figure up until the 16th century, when his ideas were disproved and rewritten by Nicolaus Copernicus. Ptolemy was aware that the Earth is an sphere. Ptolemy is responsible for the first ever known projecting of the sphere onto an plane. The main source of information on this subject was his Geography, which remained so until Christopher Columbus. However, he has Asia too far east. It may have played a role in Columbus’s decision not to attempt to reach India via Europe. Janesse Woodruff was a great source of advice. [4]

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