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When Was Tuskegee Institute Founded? [SOLVED!]

Booker T 😊 WashingtonBooker Taliaferro Washington was born into slavery in Franklin County, Virginia, on April 5, 1856 😁 In spite of the fact that it was illegal to teach enslaved blacks to read and write, Washington was able to obtain a primary education, and subsequently entered Hampton Institute in the fall of 1872 😎 His academic achievements were outstanding and he was a highly respected speaker and teacher over the following years. Washington was loved by Hampton Institute’s principal, who recommended Washington to Alabama legislators to be their director for an African American school. Washington was elected president of the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, which he’s building with his colleagues. Little shanty and church to a major educational institution for blacks. [1]
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has granted accreditation to the University. National agencies also have approved the following programs: Architecture and Business, Engineering, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Nursing, Occupational Therapy. Social WorkThe Veterinary Medicine and the Agricultural Medicine. Tuskegee University stands out as the oldest independent institution in the country. Black university with four engineering programs that are nationally Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which is the main accrediting agency in the engineering sciences, has granted the university accreditation. It is also notable that the Chemistry programme at Tuskegee University is among the few remaining Historically Black Colleges The American Chemical Society has approved the admission of universities (HBCUs) to these programs. The American Dietetic Association has approved the Dietetics Program, while the Institute of Food Technologists approves the Food Science Program. Last revised by Markelle Goldsmith, Kottayam (India) 56 days ago [2]
Image #2 He continues to say that Booker T. Washington arrived in Tuskegee in 1881 as a teacher. Whites to start a school for blacks. While he liked the place, he was not too impressed with the school. “Before coming to Tuskegee, my expectation was to find a building that had all of the equipment I needed to teach. It was not there. But I was able to find thousands of eager, educated souls looking for knowledge. They consisted of a shanty, which was intended to serve as a classroom and an assembly area provided by the church nearby. Washington had to be able to keep an umbrella on his head because the shanty roof was too leaky. Start a school [3]
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Eleazar Roland blackpast.orgAdams was an African American leader, recognized in Macon County for his leadership role. Adams had no formal education but was capable of reading and writing. W.F. Foster, a black candidate for state senate asked Adams what he would give in exchange for Foster’s support. Adams demanded that a school for blacks be created. Foster was elected and $2,000 per year was allocated by the state to support a Macon County school. The school was founded by Booker T. Washington (25-year-old Hampton Institute teacher) as the first principal. He’s holding that position until his death in 1915. Gladimir Nugent (Xintai in China), last edited this page 99 days ago. [4]

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