(Solved) Where Can I'm Go To See Great White Sharks?

On South Africa’s southwestern tip, the 200-mile stretch of coastline running between Gansbaai and Mossel Bay is known historically as the ‘white shark capital of the world’ 😁 Only five miles offshore from Gansbaai, Dyer Island is home to around 60,000 resident Cape fur seals, attracting what was once the densest population of great whites anywhere on the planet 🙈 Shark cage diving in the infamous Shark Alley is a huge business, even though since 2017 great whites have all but disappeared from these coastal waters. After tragic encounters with whale sharks, the great white population moved into deeper waters. The most common sightings are now of bronze whalers. Operators offer tours from Gansbaai and nearby False Bay to divers, snorkelers, tourists, and others who wish to watch from the boats. [1]
South Africa is known for its large white shark population. The sharks can often be found hunting juvenile Cape fur seals near Seal Island in Falsebay, where they are famously seen breaching. They also frequent the area around Dyer Island, which is where cage diving trips take place. In the hope of encountering great white sharks, boat trips leave Gansbaai regularly. They travel to Shark Alley which is the channel between Dyer Island (Cape furs seal colony), and Geyser Rock (Cape Furs Seal Colony). Although once a popular spot, great white shark sightings are now less common and more unpredictable. However, other species of sharks (such as the bronze whaler) can still be seen regularly. Mariadelcarmen Pritchett amended this on April 21st 2020 [2]
Image #2 It is also mentioned that the great white shark diving in South Africa has become a worldwide phenomenon. While the bottle-green waters of South Africa might not deliver the clearest visibility of the four shark-diving destinations, entering the cage and watching from the boat in False Bay is your best opportunity for seeing the animals pull an incredible “Air Jaws” maneuver — breaching fully out of the water in pursuit of a fur seal or the towed decoy. Seal Island, a short 25-minute boat ride from the mainland and less than an hour from Cape Town, teems with the great white’s favorite snack: The roughly 64,000 Cape fur seals here — in addition to the healthy cormorant and penguin colonies — can be equated to a dinner bell that never stops chiming. The divers spend their time inside the cage, watching the breaching from above the boat. In an effort to encourage the sharks into power lunges, the crew drags behind them a small seal. [3]
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While there is always an abundance of Great Whites at Gansbaai, it’s important to remember that they can be unpredictable wild animals migrating along the coast and are vulnerable. The best are generally the most. time of the year to view the Great White Sharks in the Gansbaai area is between June and September when the visibility in the water is at its best and many migrating sharks come to spend a few months around Dyer Island. Although nature has its own rules, it is best to never take things for granted, especially with unpredictable wild animals. Every day is different and amazing shark sightings are possible throughout the year – even during the so-called low season December to February Therefore, we advise shark enthusiasts and serious photographers/videographers to always book a few boat trips in advance to allow for bad weather Conditions, low visibility, and even worse case scenarios, require star-performers to stay away. Shiloh H. Heard edited this article on August 20, 2021. [4]
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