[Solved] Where Did Anne Sullivan Live?

Sullivan did eventually settle down at the school, but she’s never feelingeling like she fit in there 😊 She’s doingoing develop close friendships with some of her teachers, including the school’s director Michael Anagnos 🔥 Sullivan, who was chosen as valedictorian for her class, delivered a speech during her June 1886 graduation. She tells her classmates that she is going into active living because of the duty. We must go joyfully, hopefully and earnestly in order to discover our special part. If we are successful in finding it, we will be willing to do it faithfully. Every obstacle that we conquer tends to draw man closer to God.
It story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan has a well-known beginning that’s been dramatized in the movie Play The Miracle Worker. Keller was blinded and partially deaf at the tender age of 2. She struggled for her identity in this world. A 20-year old Sullivan from the Perkins Institution for the Blind arrived in Keller’s Alabama house to be the girl’s teacher. Keller initially reacted negatively to Sullivan, but she’s eventually comingming around and understood that water flowed over Keller’s hand. Sullivan used her fingers on her palm to spell “water”. Keller’s breakthrough enabled her to communicate and unleash her talents. Keller and Sullivan have a long story. This is Satara Tharp’s contribution.
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Anne Sullivan’s life experience made her very different from the other students at Perkins. At the age of fourteen, she couldn’t read or even write her name. She didn’t own a hairbrush or nightgown and she was unable to sew a needle. Sullivan, despite not having attended school, was incredibly knowledgeable about society. Tewksbury taught her a lot of things, including politics and tragedy. This side of society is something that even her teachers didn’t know. Perkins’ other students were mostly wealthy daughters or farmers. Unfortunately, many of Sullivan’s fellow students ridiculed her because of her ignorance and rough manners. Some of her teachers were impatient and unsympathetic. We are grateful to Natanael Fay who pointed this out.
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