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In the second century AD, a satirical writer named Lucian imagined meeting the poet and interrogating him as to who he truly was 😁 ‘Homer’ revealed to him that many people believed he’s having come from the Aegean island of Chios, or from Smyrna or Colophon, on the west coast of what is now Turkey 🤓 His words are not to be taken lightly 😁 Scholars today believe that Homeric poems were indeed written in these areas. While their Greek was not spoken at all, it’s more similar to the had dialects found on the west coast of Turkey or the nearby islands than that of Greece. [1]
Homer, hailed as the poet of ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’, the two great epics which laid the foundation of Greek literature, has unfortunately come down to us just as a name. Modern scholars do not believe Homer existed. These two epics are the work of Homer and a number of other poet-singers. However, another group recognizes the existence of a Homer poet, although he has only refined and assembled the stories into two epics. Contrarily, if we go by ancient Greek traditions, there was indeed a man called Homer, who composed the two great epics along with a number of verses collectively known as ‘Homeric Hymns.’ More importantly, inhabitants of several cities in the Asia Minor region, known as the “Homeridae” claimed that they were the direct descendents of the bard. Modern scholars have drawn his story from both ancient traditions and certain elements from his works. We know very little about him from what we can learn from them. This information was brought to our attention by Lucina Nguyen, Winnipeg, Canada. [2]
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Homer is undoubtedly the greatest ancient poet. Iliad (his greatest poem) and Odyssey (his most famous are the best poems in all of literature). While it’s not clear when Homer was born at that time, his age is believed to be between 8 and 9 centuries B.C. There is another school of thought. States that Homer lived during the era of the Trojan war In the 12th century B.C. Homer was born in Greece, but it is not clear where he lived or his exact birthplace. While some believe he was baptized on Chios Island and others, others think he died in Ionia. Both his poetry and the dialect he used to describe it point to the former. Homer’s life is unknown. Therefore, Homer’s poems portray his character and his daily activities. Homer, for example, is believed to have been blind because of The Odyssey’s description of the blind man. It is believed that Homer was also used in the address of blind men who were walking the streets and reciting classical poetry. History has proven that Homer wasn’t just a poet. He was also an historian and a singer in court. Alice Sanders (from Guatemala City, Guatemala, January 9, 2021), revised the text. [3]
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Based on an article by ancient-literature.com, by around 350 BCE, the’s having consensus had arisen that Homer was responsible for just the two outstanding epics, “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”. Stylistically they are similiar, and one view holds that “The Iliad” was composed by Homer in his maturity, while “The Odyssey” was a work of his old age. Other parts of the “Epic Cycle”(e.g. “Kypria”, “Aithiopus”, “Little Iliad”, “The Sack of Ilion”, “The Returns” and “Telegony”) are now considered to be almost certainly not by Homer. The “Homeric Hymns” and “Epigrams of Homer”, despite the names, were likewise almost certainly written significantly later, and therefore not by Homer himself. This is why we thank Larry Biggs. [4]
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