where do bromeliads grow outside?

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Bathrooms are excellent spaces for many bromeliad species 😉 Bathrooms have naturally higher humidity than the rest of the house or office building 🙌 One problem with bathrooms is the lack of natural sunlight 😊 You can mount a grow lamp near your plant that will remain on regardless of when other lights go out. Low light conditions are a good environment for many Cryptanthus species, which is a terrestrial bromeliad that can be found in forests. Many species of the genera Aechmea, Vriesea, and others will tolerate low light. [1]
Nearly all bromeliads live in tropical climates. They are humid, and grow in humid areas. Bromeliads have been adapted to warm, humid, and shady environments. You can plant your bromeliad outdoors if you are lucky enough to live where it is not frozen. Your bromeliad should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Bromeliads can get leafburn from too much sunlight. Different species have different tolerances to sunlight. You can monitor your location to see how much direct sunlight you need. Sun it receives and at what time of day and then purchase a bromeliad whose needs Your site specs will be followed. Also, it is important to keep your bromeliad moist. We are grateful to Jeret Christiansen, Bamako (Mali) for this information. [2]
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Plastic or cloth can provide protection for areas with frosty and cold temperatures. It is tedious and unsightly to cover plants. Mechanical leaf breakage can also occur. You can prevent damage from cold by using this practical method. Grow bromeliads in containers with a potting mix and sink the containers into the ground. If freezing temperatures are expected, take the containers from the ground and place them in a garage. The plants must be exposed to light at night. If temperatures reach above freezing, and there are no frosty nights predicted, plants can be put back in the landscaping and mulched. [3]
The central question of whether the central tanks of bromeliads should be filled with water Before freezing. Experts say that freezing can cause the bromeliad to die. Others believe that the freeze helps plants survive. It is best not to drink as much water during winter. It will allow your plant to go into dormancy and be less susceptible to being damaged by the cold. You may need to water your plant if there is a chance of frost. Ground temperature will stay slightly warmer than air temperature by having water. You should break up any frozen water from the central tank as quickly as you can. This page was last edited 8 weeks back by Ahmad Stump (Novokuznetsk in Russia). [4]

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