Where Do I'm Put My Buddha? [SOLVED]

A Buddha statue in your home can boost all aspects of your life and increase positivity. Vastu, an ancient science that focuses on Feng Shui (or the placement of a statue) in your home can optimize your chi. Buddha Purnima (the Buddhist festival to commemorate the birth of Prince Siddharthagautama) is happening in May. Although the date might change according to the Gregorian Calendar, it usually falls in May. This year it falls on May 26th) 🔥 Why not celebrate it in your small way at home by getting yourself a Buddha statue and the benefits that come with it? [1]
When you place an object in your home for a feng shui Use the correct element when creating a symbol or remedy. A metal Buddha, for example, placed in your northern sector is a great choice of location. It’s wining’t be beneficial to place the same statue in your east sector. Metal in the wood element sector of your home can actually hinder your feng-shui design, as it cuts through wood. It is considered very rude to place a Buddha statue on the ground. Don’t forget your belly rub if you choose a Laughing Buddha. Although it is not a must, some people believe that the act of rubbing Buddha’s stomach every day (the more fatter the belly, the better) brings luck and wealth to the entire home. Last modified by Max Napier, Valencia, Spain. [2]
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People who don’t consider themselves Buddhists may purchase statues for their garden. Although we believe it is important to understand the Dharma first before placing any statues in your yard, following these suggestions won’t cause offense to Buddhists. You will also notice that traditional statues of Buddha are almost never seen on the ground. The Enlightened One is usually depicted either standing or sitting on a lotus. Even though you won’t be setting up an altar wooden table in your backyard, you should still set aside a space where the statue can be elevated, even if it is only symbolically. You can get several small stones that are roughly the same size. Make a mound to house your statue. You may want to light three sticks of incense, or put three fresh flowers on top of the statue in a token of veneration and respect. This article was edited by Tobiah DUBAR on October 27, 2021. [3]
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Based on a brand new article by fnp.comBring the wise one home and bring peace to your house. Lord Buddha symbolizes peace and serenity. A Lord Buddha statue is a great way to increase the positive energy in your home. Feng Shui states that every thing has a specific place. This is also true for Lord Buddha statues. This mini-guide will help you place Lord Buddha statues correctly. This guide covers everything, from the types of Lord Buddha statues to their precise placement. Our detailed guide is essential for optimizing the Chi inside your house. Revision by Shermika Cole on May 22, 20,21 [4]
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Tyshawn Driscoll, at, while sometimes controversial, in that Buddha’s likeness has been used in several items of merchandising which can be seen as disrespectful, most buyers seek to honorthe founder of Buddhism and his teachings and beliefs by placing these statues in strategic locations around their home in order to spread positive energy and peace and tranquility. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Buddha statue for your home. Some of these general rules involve respecting others and good taste. A few of these have to do the Buddha statues being used to increase the balance of energy or chi in the home through Feng Shui. Anthony Kim (Merida, Mexico) revised this article on June 27, 2020 [5]

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