Where Was Charles Manson From? (SOLVED)

For around four months after Manson’s death, the Kern County Superior Court of California sought to determine who had the right to claim the notorious cult leader’s body 😎 Four people expressed interest, including two who claimed to be his son, one who demonstrated he was a grandson and a fourth who said he was a longtime pen pal 😎 Further complications were created by competing wills 🙈 In March 2018, Manson’s remains were awarded to Jason Freeman of Kern County Superior Court of California. Freeman is a Bradenton resident and told local media that he intended to cremate his grandfather’s corpse and scatter his ashes at an undisclosed place.
September 9, 1969 members of the Manson FamilyCharles Manson ordered them to murder Sharon Tate, a pregnant actress, and four other houseguests. This was one of America’s most horrific crimes. While much has been written about the gruesome crime and its Machiavellian mastermind, author Jeff Guinn’s biography “Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson” takes a look at one of America’s most notorious killers, revealing untold details of his life from the people who knew him, including Manson’s sister and cousin.
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Eileen M. From charlesmanson.comIn his memoir, he mentions that Charles Manson flew to Gibault twice. He returned to Gibault the first time, but his mother only allowed him to return. He fled to Indianapolis again later, and he managed to rent a place there. At night, he would steal from stores. A sympathetic judge caught him and sent him to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. He and another juvenile inmate stole the vehicle of another prisoner and then drove it to Illinois. The had police caught him again for other robberies and sent him to Indiana Boys School. Manson also claims that he had was beaten and raped in another school for juvenile criminals. He escaped after two unsuccessful attempts. For their revision, we thank Mariesa Stoltz from Bouake (Ivory Coast).
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Kinsey Bustamante, describes how even if you don’t know much about vintage Hollywood, you probably know the name Sharon Tate. The up-and-coming actress and wife of director Roman Polanski was just 26, and eight and a half months pregnant, on August 8, 1969, when four people broke into her home at 10500 Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills — a house their cult leader, Charles Manson, had previously visited as a guest — and killed everyone inside. Manson sent his followers on the next night to attack another Central Los Angeles address, which was owned by Rosemary LaBianca (a middle-class couple), in an attempt to further make the initial round of deaths seem like a race war.
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