Where Was The Movie The Killing Fields Filmed? (RESOLVED!)

David Puttnam asked to see me, which in those days was a bit like being invited out to Hollywood 😎 He’s having given me Bruce Robinson’s script, which was enormous, but it was so full of passion and energy I couldn’t put it down 🙈 I’d heard about Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, but didn’t know much until I’m had reading it 🔥 I wrotetten to David saying that whoever made the film would have to be careful because it wasn’t just a war story: it was about human connection, how friendships are born and what they do to us. I didn’t hear from him for six months, then we bumped into one another and he’s had saying said he’d interviewed most of the directors in the world – including some very big names who would make the studios happy – but no one had really understood it. “You’re the only man who has,” he’s had saying said. [1]
Tomb Raider was the movie that shot the Angkor Temples to mainstream fame, and although you can’t quite do the things that Angelina Jolie did (there isn’t a floating market on the moat of Angkor Wat for example) it’s possible to visit the Tomb Raider temple (Ta Prohm) and you can even do so with a bona fide archaeologist. In addition to this there is plenty of scope at the temples for special access experiences, one example being a behind-the-scenes tour of certain parts of Angkor Wat itself with the German Apsara Conservation Project (GACP), who have been running a restoration project there for a number of years. (we truly thank Cathi Broussard having brought this to our attention). [2]