Which Deadly Sin Is Greed? (RESOLVED)

Each one of these deadly sins listed above has its root in the desire for more and the human need for excess. Each sin goes against the root of Christianity which is: love for God, love for our fellow man, and love for our bodies (keeping them as clean temples for God, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20) 🔥 Paul writes in Philippians 4:11-12, “I’m having learnt to be content in whatever circumstances I am 🙌” This strikes at the root of each of these deadly sins 😊 Paul in effect is saying that God can take care of our needs and there is no need to lust or desire after excessive things. [1]
Tithing began in the garden. It is the act of recognizing God as Creator and Lord by respecting that which is God’s and God’s alone. It is an act of worship. We take the first tenth of all we earn and hold it up before God each week. We are saying, “This belongs to you, along with everything else you have given us. We are stewards, not owners. And you have asked that we return this tithe to you as an act of respect and reverence. In this tithe we submit our entire life to you, offering thanks for the provision of our needs, and affirming our partnership with you in the care of all creation.” (emended by Tahisha Farrar on July 21, 2021) [2]
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The economy crippled by bankers’ avarice. Tiger Woods’ career sidelined after he played away. Sixty per cent of us predicted to be obese by 2050. Greed, Lust and Gluttony. Twelve people shot dead in Cumbria last June. A Korean baby left to starve to death last March as her parents browsed the internet. Pop superstar George Michael jailed for driving while high on drugs: ‘I am sorry that my pride has prevented me from seeking help before now,’ he’s had saying said. Wrath, Sloth and Pride. What about Envy? Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, recently extended his 515ft yacht by a few more feet ensuring its length exceeds that of the boat owned by Russian billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich. It seems the Seven Deadly Sins are as relevant today as when Pope Gregory the Great listed them in the late sixth century. So what does contemporary psychological science have to say about these ancient vices? Envy, pride and wrath are today recognised as emotions with evolutionarily adaptive functions. Envy and pride propel us to seek status and resources, whilst gluttony, lust and greed are related to the unconstrained consumption of food, sex and power. Wrath ensues if our pursuit of any of these ends is thwarted or threatened. Meanwhile, sloth is like the mirror-opposite of the other sins – a lack of motivation and drive. A unifying theme underlying all the sins is insufficient self-control, a failure to rein in the animal within. (last emended 54 days ago by Kirstina Bingham from Liverpool, United Kingdom) [3]
Cathstan.org goes on to describe how what is greed? It is the insatiable desire for more. St Thomas says, Man seeks, according to a certain measure, to have external riches, in so far as they are necessary for him to live in keeping with his condition of life. Wherefore it will be a sin for him to exceed this measure, by wishing to acquire or keep them immoderately. This is what is meant by covetousness, which is defined as “immoderate love of possessing.” (S.T. II, IIae, q. 118 art 1) It is a deep drive in us that, no matter how much we have, makes us think that it’s not enough. We still want more, and then if we get more we want more still. [4]

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