which is best react native vs ionic?

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React Native’s greater popularity is due to its ability to build truly “native” apps using JavaScript and React 😎 The concept of a hybrid app using WebViews is good, but it does not come close to the look and feel of a native app 😎 Ionic being a hybrid app lacks the looks and feel of a truly native app 😊 React Native apps, on the other hand, are native. It is amazing that all components of React Native are native to iOS or Android. End-users will not be capable of distinguishing between native apps and React Native apps. This is what’s most crucial. Factor contributing to React Native’s popularity. [1]
Both frameworks are time- and money-savings in the context of business. Ionic, however, is much more cost-effective than React Native. Ionic allows you to create hybrid apps that work across different platforms. You can do this by creating the entire application once and using a single code base. React Native is available for free. However, it may be expensive to hire a React native specialist. You have the option to choose between the free and paid versions of Ionic, depending on their functionality. There are three pricing plans for Ionic – Basic ($499/month), Standard ($2499/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). This was modified by Doris Flores of Jingzhou Hubei in China, April 7, 2020. [2]
Image #2 This article explains why you should choose a native approach when developing an iOS or Android app. React Native, Ionic and other platforms allow you to use cross-platform programming methods. Cross-platform application building makes it easier, faster and cheaper to satisfy all of the mobile OS users. It is simple. Means that a single team uses web technologies to make your app run Both Android and iOS are supported seamlessly. React Native as well as Ionic both start with frontend frameworks, React and Angular. This allows you to reuse most of your existing codebase for building mobile apps. We appreciate Devri corley bringing this to our attention. [3]
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New reports confirm that Ionic is an open-source software development kit. It is an open-source, free software development tool that was created in 2013. Ionic’s primary purpose is to develop hybrid mobile apps. Ionic has been used by more than five millions apps. Ionic has a Node Package Manager module, which is what it calls its heart. Ionic needs to install Node.js for full functionality. Basically, it is a part of a grand JavaScript ecosystem, which also means that it’s able to allow the use of a library of native iOS and Android components. Ionic allows developers to access UI elements which are specific for each platform. This page was last edited on 62 Days ago by Karman Whit (Taicang, China). [4]

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