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(SOLVED!) Which Is More Painful Ipl Or Laser?

What is the real difference between IPL and laser hair removal? So you’re sick of shaving and waxing, and would like to look into a more permanent solution. There are two options: laser hair removal or IPL hair reduction. What is the difference? What is the best solution for you? There is a minefield of information online, all with contrasting (and sometimes biased) opinions on which is best 😉 You might not have even known that there was a difference between IPL hair removal and laser hair removal 😁 Let us give you the facts 🙌 So you can decide which treatment is best for you, we have listed the key differences between IPL & laser. [1]
You might believe that IPL has a safer beam of light because it uses more intense laser. However laser only targets the hair follicles and unlike IPL, it doesn’t affect the surrounding skin tissue. IPL can be stronger than laser, so you will require more sessions. You will have to put your skin under greater stress, and the process of healing takes longer. Although it may seem safer than laser, a single treatment of the same area will not produce the same result. Causing your skin Exposure to laser light is more effective than using laser. At Premier Laser & Skin we use FDA approved Candela lasers which are also being used in Hospitals. You are in good hands. Frank Bennet (Minsk, Belarus) revised this article on October 1, 20,21. [2]
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Based around an Article from aedit.comWhile iPL usually has a lower downtime, in some cases lasers are faster. Dr. King insists the amount of time it takes for side effects to subside “will depend entirely on the laser and what settings are used for either the laser or the IPL.” Dr. Russak agrees, explaining that just because lasers reach deeper does not mean you always have a longer recovery period. However, if you’re talking ablative lasers, IPL is the clear winner in this department. “Typically, if you are comparing a skin resurfacing laser that compromises the surface, yes, you would have more downtime than IPL,” she says. Rozanne Brewster (Irbid, Jordan), last edited 86-days ago [3]
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The current standard for laser hair removal with a diode-laser is safety and effectiveness. This makes it more effective. Skin tonesIt is safer than IPL, can be used more frequently, requires fewer visits, and it’s less painful. The laser diode used a concentrated beam of light energy to reach the melanin within the hair follicle. This is compared to the IPL. A longer wavelength reduces the absorption of energy by surrounding skin. This minimizes the chance of damaging the skin and makes it safer for people with darker skin tones. These devices are often equipped with cooling technology to improve levels of comfort – a huge benefit to IPL! [4]
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