Which Plants Like Horse Manure? [Resolved]

The waste is nitrogen-rich and the bedding is carbon-rich πŸ™Œ Those of you who paid attention during compost class know that this perfect blend is all complete and ready for composting πŸ˜‰ Yes, it should be composted πŸ€“ By ‘burning or drying manure, you can damage plants. Some farmers use fresh manure in their fields. However, they have spread it during the fall so that it can break down before it is safe for spring planting. However, this method is very inefficient. This is a very bad smelly product. It will make you regret this decision if it’s done at home.
Most horse manure was mixed with straw, shavings or other materials that were used to make bedding. The bedding may be regular straw or made with wood chips, but it can also include peat. They contain lots of carbon, but not the actual nutrients that soil needs. Actually, it is the opposite. Straw, peat and wood chips need To decompose, you need energy from another source. You get this energy from urine and feces found in your piles of manure. You can make your soil less nutritious by using fresh manure in combination with bedding material. The soil might not have the necessary energy to decompose. Although it sounds bizarre, this is what I am aware of! It’s not as easy to grow vegetables in soil that has less nutrients. Kyle Hughes (Yazd, Iran) revised the above text on December 18, 2019,
Image #2 Also, it describes 2. Management. If manure is left untreated, it will slowly decompose. If conditions are perfect, this can take up to three months. If the start material has a high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, it can take up to a year (as with manure containing wood chips). You can cut down on the time it takes to pile up the material by using pipes and/or rotating the material frequently. The aerated method is also known as composting. It has a number of advantages over stockpiling manure and allowing it to decompose unmanaged:– You can use the product sooner.– The heat kills most weed seeds and pathogens (making it safer to apply to vegetables).– The end product will be more consistent. This information was brought to our attention by Zeth Loyd, Kolwezi and Dr Congo.
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Dena Davis composting horse manure is a great way to save time and eliminate the possibility of unwanted weeds growing in your garden. That pathogen risk is why we wouldn’t recommend putting any manure onto a vegetable garden while fresh (although if you’re digging it into the soil and leaving it to rot down over winter, or not allowing edible parts of vegetables to come in contact with it, your risk of getting ill is minimised, especially if you wash and then cook the vegetables concerned. Modified by Barclay Ham, January 9, 2020
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