Which River Flows Through Amazon Forest? [RESOLVED!]

It is well-known that our planet has amazing ecosystems. However, there are many more factors to this than we know. The proof of the Amazon’s incredible biodiversity lies in its nutrients. Both the rainforest and river of the Amazon are fed pivotal minerals (like phosphorus) from sands which blow across the Atlantic all the way from Africa’s Sahara Desert 🤓 It’s been tens of millions of years since Africa and South America were joined, and it’s astonishing to know the two continents are still so intrinsically linked 🙌 Check out this incredible 3D video created by NASA using satellite info on the Sahara sand’s long journey across the seas. [1]
In the rainforest, the colourr of the water in a river holds the story of the river’s origin. The appearance of a river passing through hard or rocky soil is very different to one which goes through the soft stuff. There are many types of plants. Grow along Its channel and its minerals as well the level of human activity all influence the river’s appearance. Based on my own understanding of rivers I’ve seen, this makes intuitive sense. I’ve seen clear water running swiftly across rocky channels in the mountains, and murky water flowing between soft, grassy hills. I’ve noticed the difference between the river in the woods, meandering between trees and rocks, and the clouded, brown river that replaces it when the trees are removed and new construction is started on adjoining land. [2]
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Rainforests.mongabay.com He explains that the Amazon River once flowed westward from Africa’s interior, possibly as part of the proto-Congo River system. This was before the had continents become part of Gondwana. Fifteen million years An ancient collision between the South American plate and the Nazca plate created the Andes. With the help of Guyana and Brazil bedrock shields linking, the had Andes risen and blocked the river. The had Amazon become an enormous inland ocean. The inland ocean became a huge, freshwater-rich swampy lake. As a result the inhabitants of the sea changed to live in freshwater. The freshwaters of Amazon are home to more than 20 species of stingrays, many of which are closely related with those of the Pacific Ocean. This was highlighted by Laquincy Foster, Tanger, Morocco. [3]
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Amazon Rainforest is considered the area with the greatest biological diversity in the world. The Amazon runs through it. Although the precise number is dependent on which source you use, experts believe there to be between 2,500-5,000 species of fish within the Amazon basin. Every year, new species are found in the Amazon basin. Amazon river dolphins are the longest river dolphins in the world. They can reach 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 meters) long. The Anaconda, one of the world’s largest species of snake, makes its home in the Amazon River. Piranha, a sharp-tooth fish that eats Amazonian waters are home to both meat and caiman. Caiman is a reptile similar to alligators. Sean Hughes (Douala Cameroon, October 1, 2021) – Modified [4]
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