(SOLVED) Which Type Of Advertising Became Popular By The 1920s?

Thanks to the Technological Revolution and the rise of advertising, publication prices dropped from a steep thirty-five cents to a reasonable nickel 👍 Themes changed, and instead of publishing articles on reform and the revolution, magazines began reporting on consumer activism, the belief that a country can only benefit if its people buy and use all of its goods and services 😊 Publications like Ladies’ Home Journal aimed to reach the homes of the middle class while Mr 😎 Henry Luce and former Yale University classmate, Briton Hadden, aimed to reach more sophisticated individuals with his publication Time in 1923. The rise of entertainers and stars in movies helped consumers buy a wide range of products. [1]
One important feature of advertising in 1920s America was that it infiltrated all aspects of people’s lives. Advertisement could be visualized on billboards or in newspapers, magazines, shops windows, and cinemas. Radio advertising was another option. become extremely popular This period was a crucial one. Advertising was also important because of its role in the 1920s economic boom. Advertisements that urged Americans to acquire new consumer goods like motor cars were a common feature of American advertising. vacuum cleanersWashing machines, This increased demand was reflected in the greater number of goods advertised. In order to increase demand, more people needed workers. This meant that more Americans received wages. They were used to buy more goods and then reinvest them in the economy, creating the consumerism cycle that resulted in the great economic boom of 1920s. This page was last edited 55 days back by Jackqueline Michs, Ryazan Russia. [2]
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The 1920s saw a shift in marketing that had a major impact on business strategy and caused changes to the organization of American businesses. Market orientation meant that a company was conceived as an organization that sells goods, rather than simply produces them. Marketing meant setting the firm’s strategy according to realistic observations of available customers and then organizing the firm to coordinate productionThese observations are the basis for determining how to market, distribute, sell, and provide service. The 1920s and 1930s saw the birth of modern marketing. management learnt the importance Differentiating products from their competition, offering a variety of products for consumers and advertising heavily in order to influence their customers’ behavior. [3]
Advertising was at its peak in 1920s. This period is said to have been a positive in the lives and fortunes of 40% Americans who had a wonderful time. In 1925, the average worker made more than $2000 annually. The six-day work week was reduced to just five during this time. means more money with less working days. Advertisers took this opportunity to invest heavily in weekend advertisement placements on newspapers and magazines, to give to the 40 % that they don’t have stock of and to tell them what they should buy. This is Winston Tomlinson of Dushanbe Tajikistan, who pointed this out. [4]
AT&T treated its investment in radio as a public service effort. WEAF Management initially said that they would not provide material. However, it quickly realized that very few radio stations were willing to pay any extra to air their content. In fact, nobody came forward for six months. Those willing to pay finally trickled in, and the first “commercial” (named from AT&T accounting practices) aired on WEAF between 5 p.m. And 5:30 p.m. On Aug. 24, 1922. Queensboro Corp. paid $50 to air a 10 minute message about the sale of Queens apartments. This announcement was repeated 4 times and an extra half hour of evening programming was also purchased. As a result of the direct advertisement, several apartments were sold. Kolt Gustafson, Gebze Turkey, was the one who pointed this out. [5]

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