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Who Did Edward Iv Marry? [SOLVED!]

Henry VIII tends to be the monarch who gets frequently cited for breaking the royal marital mold by choosing his own wives from among his subjects 👍 In particular, the narrative arcs of his relations with cousins Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard continue to fascinate, five centuries after his passion turned to hatred and he’s had sending sent both of them to their deaths 🙈 Henry VIII was following Edward IV’s example, his Yorkist grandfather, who he looked and ate like Henry 🙈 Although Edward didn’t have as many wives than Henry, his relationships with women was just as complicated and as destructive at a national level. Edward chose to follow his heart instead of following the traditional route of a king and looking for a foreign bride. This scandal caused much controversy, but it was a success. Marriage proved He was successful, and his success lasted up to his death.
My research on the story of King Richard III beganegun in the 1990s, and focused initially upon the allegation that he was a ‘usurper’. That was a story which was later initiated by Henry VII, who seized Richard’s throne, killed him, and then blackened his reputation. But the truth is that Richard was offered the throne by the three estates of the realm on the grounds that his elder brother, Edward IV, had committed bigamy, making Edward’s children by Elizabeth Widville illegitimate. (Her maiden surname is commonly spelt ‘Woodville’, but contemporary sources suggest that Widville or Wydville were more commonly employed in the 15th century. I therefore use ‘Widville’.) (last edited 55 days ago by Tee Cruz From Samut Prakan (Thailand)
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Gavin Helton, describes how and yet it’s possible that cold political calculation had some influence in Edward’s decision to marry Elizabeth. An alliance with a Lancastrian woman in the Wars of the Roses and even choosing to marry an English bride may have been viewed by the king as having some propaganda value. Edward’s choice of Elizabeth may also have signalled his growing independence from the powerful magnate Warwick the Kingmaker (who had alternative marriage plans for Edward). And it wasn’t as if Edward was marrying a peasant – though Elizabeth’s father was a mere knight, her mother sprang from the royal line of Luxembourg. Shuntel Rhoades revised the above on January 16, 2020.
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Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville in a marriage that was very unusual at the time. This A-Level History lesson explores the key points behind Edward’s chosen bride and the consequences of this secret marriage to Elizabeth Woodville. Elizabeth was the widowed of a fallen enemy, and an relative commoner. The ramifications of Edward’s choice of bride appear to have been great. First, the decision makes Earl of Warwick appear foolish since marriage negotiations are an integral part his diplomatic duties. It’s having also led to changes in the composition of the royal household and the government. The third impact of marriage on factionalism in the court was something that only recently resulted in Edward being crowned. A fourth factor was the impact of marriage on the eventual resumption in warfare over the crown. Last revised by Charnay Roche, Tanta Egypt.
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According to the professionals at rebeccastarrbrown.comA quick background: Edward IV was born in 1461 and deposed his Lancastrian cousin King Henry VI. It is what became known as the “first half of the Wars of the Roses”. Not only was Henry VI still alive, but so were his wife and son, who were being half-heartedly housed in France on the charity of Marguerite of Anjou’s French relations. Edward IV was 18 when he’s having come to the throne, unmarried and remarkably handsome – he was a catch, save for the fact that his grasp of the crown was shaky at best. A strategic marital alliance was of absolute necessity and Edward’s cousin and closest adviser, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, had his heart set on a French alliance, effectively cutting off Marguerite of Anjou’s potential source of income. Another option was Burgundy, which had been sympathetic to the House of York throughout the ’40s and ’50s. Isabella of Castile, as in Isabella and Ferdinand’s half-sister, was once proposed for a match. But she was rejected. In the summer of 1464 Warwick went to France to negotiate a potential match with King Louis XI’s sister-in-law, Bona of Savoy, but that September Edward announced to his court that he was already married. Earlier that year he’s having having wed an English widow, Elizabeth Grey (née Woodville). It’s not her personal wealth as her father was just a baron. Her late husband was a knight serving the opposite side. All she’s havingaving to claim was two sons which spoke to her fertility and a high-born mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, who had previously been married to Henry IV’s son, John, Duke of Bedford. Christendom was shocked. This was revised by Seda Marc on June 8, 2021.
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