[Solved] Who Fought In The Battle Of Brunanburh?

This was simply too much for the West Saxons’ enemies to stomach, and so, in the summer of 937, Anlaf and Constantine launched their truly massive invasion 😊 But Æthelstan stood firm and won a crushing victory at a place called Brunanburh 🔥 One of the decisive events in British medieval history, the battle was “immense, lamentable and horrible”, according to the Annals of Ulster 🤓 Fifty years later, people called it simply ‘the Great Battle’, or even ‘the Great War’. The clash was commemorated in Anglo-Saxon and Latin poetry, in Norse saga, and folk tales, in miracle stories about Æthelstan’s hour of “dread and blind confusion”. [1]
This battle was referred by many as the “greatest single battle in AngloSaxon history” before the Battle of Hastings. It is unknown where the’s battle taking place, but Bromborough (on the Wirral Peninsula) has some information. Name may be derived from Old English Brunanburh, which means ‘Brun’s fort’ in English, is most likely to be the candidate. The battle was fought at Bebington’s golf course. While historians suggest other areas in Scotland and Northamptonshire as possible locations and strong arguments have been presented for them, Wirral is the most popular. [2]
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Edward the Confessor the Saxon King was the last of the House of Wessex’s ancient House. He died without children on the stormy night between 4th and 5th January in the historic year 1066. Edward the Confessor, the last of the ancient House of Wessex’s Saxon Kings, died on his deathbed. He’s having previously promised his maternal cousin William, Duke de Normandy that if William died, he would inherit England’s throne. Battle of Hastings is one of the most important battles in history. Important battles It’s taking place 14 October 1066, according to English history. For most of that day the battle was ongoing. Harold and his Saxons fought determinedly for their homeland. William instructed his archers fire up high over Hastings’ shield wall, and one of them is reported to have hit Harold in an eye. Some sources disagree with this statement. Harold was mortally injured by the Wessex dragon standard. The Saxon army began fleeing the field, realizing that it was now over. Last edited 32 days ago, by Michaeldavid Hastings of Yinchuan (China). [3]
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Wirral Archaeology now works with many eminent scientists and historians to validate artefacts and information found during research. The work continues, expands and will continue for many years. A Spokesperson for Wirral Archaeology said: “Several eminent historians and academics have examined a range of evidence we have collected, including physical artifacts, and they have concluded that the’s had losing lost site of the Battle of Brunanburh may have been identified by Wirral Archaeology. There is still a great deal of investigative work that needs to be done, and we are grateful to the group of professional archaeologists, medieval historians and scientists who are now actively assisting us”. The’s having Spokesperson gone on to say that “Wirral Archaeology will make further statements when appropriate on the progress of this search. Local meetings to inform Wirral residents and the appropriate authorities are now taking place.” (a big thanks to Murray Hirsch from Barnaul, Russia for bringing this to our attention). [4]
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