[SOLVED!] Who Founded Placerville?

Though the camp was primarily populated by men, many brought along their families and by the next year, the temperance league and a few local churches began to request that a friendlier name be bestowed upon the town 🙈 However, it would be several years later before an official name change would take place 🤓 By 1854, Hangtown had become the third-largest city in California, which by this time had become a state, surpassed only by San Francisco and Sacramento 👍 It was named Placerville after it was incorporated that year. An election was also held that year to take the county seat from Coloma. But Placerville wasn’t the only candidate. There were three additional communities that ran for the county seat, and they could not get enough votes to defeat Coloma.
An impromptu jury of citizens met in the middle of 1849 to decide the fates for the accused after a similar crime. A verdict was reached quickly by the jury. The jury then asked the question, “What shall we do with them?” Some shouted “Hang them!” The majority of the people were on board. The Mother Lode’s first hanging was thus accomplished. A giant, white oak stood in the corner near town. Old Dry Diggins quickly became known and was called Hangtown because of several hangings. Dry Diggins is the name given to the area by the miners who had to carry the dry. Soil down to the running water The gold washed away. Only the stump of the tree remains today, and it is now hidden in the basement of the bar at Main Street, Placerville, which was named, quite appropriately, The Hangman’s Tree. Lisa Castillo (London, United Kingdom) revised this article on May 30, 2020.
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William Meagher was the previous owner of four of the mining claims in the park. He also owned Independent Iron Works, Oakland, CA. His title to the property was maintained by his long hours spent working in the areas and mines. The family accompanied him to the mines and also spent some time hiking and swimming in the canyon. His summer home, which is still standing at the street’s end, was built by him. Gold Bug Park Committee will transform this building into a nature centre, describing local fauna and flora. Learn how to support Meagher House.
Further reading can be found at cityofplacerville.orgAn impromptu citizen’s jury was established to determine the fate of three individuals accused after they were convicted of one crime in 1849. It’s taking little for the jury to reach a verdict. Next came the question: “What will you do with them?” Somebody shouted, “Hang them!” They all agreed. The first hanging of Mother Lode was done. A giant, white oak stood in the corner near town. Old Dry Diggins quickly became known due to the many hangings. Dry Diggins is the name of the mine. The’s having miners were required to carry the dry soil and wash it under running water. Today the only thing that remains is the stump, which was found in the cellar at a Placerville bar called “The Hangman’s tree”. Jamonica Singer deserves a special thank you for alerting us to this.
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