(Solved) Who Invented Beads?

Beads have been used throughout history to communicate symbolic, religious, or personal messages. Southern Africa’s Zulu people used beads to convey their marital statuses and emotions. Beadwork colors and patterns convey personal and symbolic messages. In Zulu beadwork a triangle is used to represent female (pointing upwards) and male (pointing down) 🔥With each corner of the triangle being symbolic, the way it is represented within the beadwork can convey whether they are single or married 🔥 Zulu beads are also very important in colorcombinations. They can convey both positive and negative messages. [1]
The oldest form of art, beads may well be. Materials used in the creation of beads are influenced by where they have come from. Everything from plant seedsEarly on, various stones, bone, and bones were all used. This was the simplest method of making beads. However, gems and semi-precious gemstones required more skill and work in order to create beads. Egyptian beads were handmade from gold, while Greek worry beads are made of glass and wood. Today, prayer beads are used to honourr the Middle Ages and Catholicism. They are also known as rosaries in America and can be made from wood, plastic or sterling silver. Rose S., Rajkot, India (edited August 5, 2021). [2]
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Beads have been around for over 40 years. Evidence of their existence can be found in ancient civilizations and cultures. These beads have been used for jewelryaking, as well as as currency and religious symbols to be used during prayer. The ancients believed beads contained some sort of magic. Important symbolic meaning in certain culturesThis is due to the intricate nature of the beads and the time and effort involved in creating them. An interesting fact is that almost two thirds of the Earth’s population uses beads as part of their religious practise during prayer. Scholars believe that the evolution of beads is a result of the use and development the abacus. This was a frame counting device that used beads to calculate before modern writing technology. The history of beads is fascinating and they have are made out of many materials. Diana R. From Owerri in Nigeria, May 14, 2021. [3]
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The western hemisphere has seen the wear of beads become a prerogative for women in the past century. However, throughout history men have worn large quantities of beads in order to display their masculinity. Both men and women valued the had strands made from shell, bone, teeth, and stone beads as far back as 5000 BC. The 4000 BC discovery of Faience, Carnelian and Carnelian bead in an Egyptian tomb is dated back to the 4000 BC. Beads were transported to Egypt by Phoenician traders ships as far back as 2500 BC. Therefore, it’s impossible to say how long the beads actually circulated. Egypt’s graves reveal how the art of making beads was developed, and the benefits it had brought to other civilisations through the establishment of trade routes in Europe. Between 3000-1900 BC the Amber Routes crossed Europe from France, Austria and Moravia to Russia and England. Trade routes used to go to Africa and the Far East were part of ancient trade routes. Dylan Brooks (Managua Nicaragua, May 5, 2021), modified this text [4]
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