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Morad’s initial targets are gun-rights activist Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and gun lobbyist Larry Pratt, founder and former director of the Gun Owners of America 🙈 Baron Cohen gets Van Cleave and Pratt to enthusiastically agree to a number of unconscionably disastrous stances about arming preschoolers, and Pratt guffaws along at some awful “jokes” about how there’s no such thing as rape inside a marriage 🤓 They’re the most happily willing collaborators in the Kinder-Guardians segment, and Van Cleave participates cheerfully in the part of the’s having bitten that extends Morad’s concept to its absurd conclusion: an “educational” video that both explains where children should aim a gun, and markets child-friendly gun accessories disguised as plush toy animals 🤓 “Aim at the head, shoulders, not the toes, not the toes,” Van Cleave sings. [1]
What is Who Is America in the rest of this segment? It was known for the parade of politicians who, before the segment even premiered in public, were happy to listen to the prompts to endorse the unethical, just like they are empty, opportunistic husks. The irony is that Cohen’s best friend is Matt Gaetz. A Trump-endorsed Florida junior congressman and conspiracy theory-shilling hack, Gaetz isn’t afraid to defend the sexual abusers. Cohen meets Gaetz only because he isn’t above spreading depraved absurdity to political gain. He denies his Republican counterparts the repentance they want in their pre-emptive statements regarding how Sacha tricked them. Baron CohenThe peddler of fake information and the deceiver for honest American citizens. Truth is much more shocking, and all can see it. [2]
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Showtime’s Who Is America? Contains plenty of sobering moments—perhaps none more than the segment in which Sacha Baron Cohen, in costume as Israeli Colonel Erran Morad, enlists several Republican lawmakers and activists to make a video aimed at training children as young as three years old Handling firearms. Philip Van Cleave was president of Virginia Citizens Defense League. Larry Pratt, executive Director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott were among the participants. Dana Rohrabacher, Republican Congressman, also participated. Joe Wilson, and Joe WalshFormer congressman, now talk-radio host. In the aftermath of the show, Walsh has been particularly vocal in insisting that Cohen tricked him, calling for a boycott of Showtime—and, more recently, insisting that although he’s had reading read the words Cohen provided for the faux P.S.A. With gusto, he didn’t really believe them. This was revised by Shahidah Grubs, March 26, 2021. [3]
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The pros reported the following: theatlantic.comBefore the premiere of Who Is America? Aired, some of Cohen’s targets came forward to confess that they’d been duped, including Sarah Palin, Roy Moore, and Ted Koppel. The gun-rights activist Philip Van Cleave, it emerged, had posted a 1,400-word Facebook post back in February warning others against falling for what he suspected to be the work of Michael Moore, or “ even worse, a Sacha Baron Cohen-esq ‘Borat’-type of shock comedy.” Walsh took things on the chin. “@SachaBaronCohen got me,” he tweeted. “Do I believe kindergarteners should be armed? It’s not possible. But, it’s on me. Sacha fooled me good. I flew to DC in search of a made-up friend award from Israel. I gotta live with it.” (last modified 1 week ago by Jacory Stahl from Boston, United States) [4]
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