Who Is Being Painted In Las Meninas? (RESOLVED!)

In the decades that followed his appointment to court painter, Velázquez demonstrated his deft ability to portray the royal family: Philip, his wives, his children, and other members of the royal household (including minor players, like jesters) 🔥 He simultaneously managed to build a strong personal rapport with the king 👍 In 1652, Velázquez was appointed palace chamberlain, which saw him take up residence in the palace and have direct access to the royal family 👍 His duties included advising on the royal arts collection and caring for the palace. He also prepared the palace for guests.
We’re have having studied Spanish together during our privileged days at a school attached to London’s Westminster Abbey. As a 17 year-old I was in Madrid with him and we’re having been to the Prado together. He’s having done not share then my great enthusiasm for the visual arts, and had once mildly mocked me for socialising at school with an intellectually pretentious and elitist group whom he liked to characterise as the “swarthies”. Royce had nothing in common with me, except for an interest in Spain. He claimed to have cultivated it largely because he believed that the Hispanic population would eventually be the economic engine. He’s having envisioned himself as a businessman. As I learnt from my regular Christmas visits, he was able to realise his ambition. Cards he persisted in sending the years that have passed since our last encounter. Last revised by Aarik Mena, Chon Buri (Thailand) on 24/07/2018
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Philip commissioned the painting and it was installed in his home. Office at his summer palace. It remained there until 1819. Royal palaceAfter that, it was transferred into the Prado Museum collection. Antonio Palomino (Spanish writer), who dedicated a whole section of his book about Spanish artists to Las Meninas, is responsible for much of the information we have on this painting. Not only did he give the year the painting was made, but he also identified many of the individuals depicted in the canvas. It’s also thanks to Palomino that we know that it shows a room located within the Royal Alcázar. This palace turned fortress was home to the Habsburg rulers. Manolo HINDO (Ranchi, India), last updated 5 days earlier
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Shanika Stoner, describes how on top of the king, queen, princess, and painter, the painting features the queen’s chamberlain, Don José Nieto Velázquez (possibly related to the painter), who can be spotted on the stairs. The ladies in waiting doting on Margaret Theresa are doña María Agustina Sarmiento de Sotomayor (on the’s had leaving left) and doña Isabel de Velasco (on the right). Over the latter’s shoulder peeks doña Marcela de Ulloa, the little princess’s appointed chaperone, who converses with a bodyguard whose name is lost to history (but some modern scholars believe it might be Diego Ruiz de Azcona). Maria Barbola (right corner) and Nicolas Pertusato (right corner), are the court “dwarfs”. Name of mastiff is not known. Shaneaka Boles updated the information on May 10, 2020
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