who is mackenzie hollister in dork diaries?

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Despite the claims of being the most popular girl in school, MacKenzie isn’t dating anyone and the only guy she is interested in doesn’t like her at all. MacKenzie is head over heels for Brandon Roberts (who obviously is not impressed by MacKenzie like everyone else) as she constantly tries to flirt with him by twirling her hair and pretending to be interested in photography, which is Brandon’s favorite hobby. She gets mad and jealous when Brandon pays more attention to Nikki; as a result, poor Nikki is often the victim of a scheme that MacKenzie cooks up in order to extract revenge. It’s obvious that, despite her pathetic attempts, she doesn’t have a chance with Brandon. Theodore L. Swagmire III used to have a crush on her, but she’s doingoing not return his affections. Patrick Clark (a blog character) used to have a crush on her, but he didn’t anymore when MacKenzie turned hostile towards him 😉 It is slightly hinted he has a crush on Nikki 🤓 In the 4th book, MacKenzie tries to flirt with Brandon by describing her “flawless skin” just to impress him.
MacKenzie starts trouble for Nikki by uploading an embarrassing video of her singing with Brianna at Queasy Cheesy, then when the Talent Show is announced, decides that she will take Chloe and Zoey by any means necessary in order to win. She begins by threatening to expose Nikki’s lies, but when they make an agreement she drops it. Instead swooping in to steal them away after Nikki decides to no longer partake in the contest. At first it doesn’t work, but when she temps them with their CCP crushes, the girls find it hard to say no. She also does the same, using some cheerleaders to lure the guys from Theo’s band. (many thanks to Laurene Lewis from Songyuan, China for their insights).
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Our pals at villains.fandom.com remarked how macKenzie is described as being the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day and also as the most commonly sought after by the boys of the school. Much like with Nikki, she too has a crush on Brandon Roberts, and throughout the series, she attempted to get Nikki expelled from the middle school in the hopes of having him for herself. MacKenzie was a very cruel young girl who freely insulted anyone who she’s thinkinging was below her, and she is also known as being a pathological liar who would spread false rumors as if they were a plague. According to Russell, she may possess some good traits, though they’re few and far between. (revised by Darien Franks on February 25, 2020)
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Mackenzie Hollister is a current 8th grade student who is very popular upon her fellow students. Jessica Hunter is her best friend and they have much in common. For example they are both rich, mean, snobby and have this passion for fashion. Mackenzie also hates Nikki Maxwell for many reasons and they are mortal enemies. The first time Nikki Maxwell ever met Mackenzie was in the first book when she was getting “trampled alive in the hallways”. The students parted and there was Mackenzie: “That’s when I first sawseen Mackenzie strutting down the hallway like it was the runway of a Paris fashion show or something,” Nikki explained. (a huge thanks goes to Lennie Gentile for the heads up).
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