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who is queen athena in the little mermaid?

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Athena was the wife of King Triton, and the mother of Ariel, Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Alana, and Attina 🔥 She was the Queen of Atlantica, and beloved by her family and subjects 😁 She was noted for her singing talent and her love of music 😁 She and Triton had been best friends since their childhood. Triton became obsessed with music and hated humans after she was involved in an accident on a large pirate ship while Ariel was young. In his courtyard is a statue of her with him dancing, which he still cries over every day. [1]
Queen Athena, the wife of King Triton and mother to Ariel and six of her older sisters was also known as the Queen of Athena. The Queen of Atlantica was her beloved family member and subject. It was her talent in singing and passion for music that made her a popular choice. Triton and her were the best of buddies since childhood. Tragically, her death was caused by a scrape with a pirate boat when Ariel was a young boy. It fuelled Ariel’s hate of humans, and left him widowed. In his courtyard is a statue of her dancing and Triton. He was there going to work every day until his death, when he started crying. [2]
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Melonie Joiner littlemermaid.fandom.comAthena is seen at the beginning of the movie. Triton is shown being in love with her. Their love is shown when they sing a song together, “Endless Sky”. The song is shared with the daughters, who use it to lullaby. The two of them are enjoying a day at the beach with some merpeople and princesses. Triton was invited to celebrate their anniversary. gives Athena a special music box That is their tune. The pirates attack the merpeople and soon reach the cove. Most of the Mermaids and Mermen make it out alive. Triton transports Ariel, Arista and Aquata to safety. Andrina and Alana jump into the water to swim safely. However, Attina (the oldest princess) gets her tail caught between two rocks. Athena saves her life in time but is then crushed by the ship trying to save its music box. due to the pirates having apparently lost control They were unable stop their ship from crushing Athena, running aground and breaking the keel. Johnaton D., Muscat Oman was very kind to us. [3]
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Athena was Queen of Athena and wife to King Triton. She also had the responsibility of Adella, Alana and Attina. Her family loved her as the Queen of Atlantica. Her singing talents and love for music were well-known. Triton and her had been friends since childhood. Triton was devastated to learn that she died after a scrap with an enormous pirate ship while Ariel was young. In his courtyard is a statue depicting her dancing alongside him, which he still cries over every day. Last edited 14 days ago, by Chane Roe of Kumasi (Ghana) [4]
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Queen Athena was King Triton’s wife and mother. She also had Adella, Aquata and Aquata. They loved her as Queen of Atlantica. Triton and her were best friends from their youth. Queen Athena was known for her musical talent and passion for music. Triton has a statue of Athena and Triton dancing in his courtyard. Her long, red hair is highlighted with green eyes and blue tail. A tiara that is similar to Triton’s has been worn by her as she reigns. Ariel, it is believed, bears a striking resemblance. Lamone Hurtado (Abidjan, Ivory Coast), is a true inspiration for our most recent revisions. [5]
Athena was killed after she helped a drunken man to safety. He returned Athena back to his boat where he found the mythical sight. His colleagues then grabbed it and began throwing Athena around. They were both extremely drunk and could not be reasoned. Athena refused to be touched by the men and kept trying escape their abuse. The men became angry at her and used their daggers against them. They began to doubt themselves about what they had just done, because it hit them hard that mermaids don’t exist, and no sea creature looks exactly like humans. After convincing themselves that fish tails were just a lie and killing a shipwrecked victim, the men tied heavy weight around her waste and pushed her back They were to be thrown into the ocean in order to get their crimes forgotten. This was a great tip from Selene Brooks of Kunming China. [6]

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