who produced the martian?

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Watney wakes up after the storm and receives a low oxygen alert. He then makes his way towards the Hab, which is the base of operations for the crew. By performing self-surgery, he removes the antenna that had damaged his suit’s biomonitor. He begins a video log and realizes that his only chance of rescue is to rendezvous with the Ares IV crew at the Schiaparelli crater, 3,200 kilometres (2,000 mi) away in four years 😎 His immediate concern is there will not be enough food to survive that long 😁 Watney, being a botanist, improvises a farm inside the Hab, utilizing Martian soil fertilized with human waste, water produced by extracting hydrogen from leftover rocket fuel, and potatoes intended for Thanksgiving dinner 😊 He also begins to modify the only functional rover for longer journeys in preparation for the long distance travel. [1]
Weir worked on the book version of “The Martian” for about three yearsShe did incredible work in making sure science was correct. One exception to this is the meteor at the start of the movie: Mars’ atmosphere cannot generate such powerful winds. Scott stated that this was actually the only scientific note NASA had sent after reviewing the script. Scott says that Goddard, Weir, and Goddard attempted to devise an alternate scenario which would result in the same critical outcome. This was Watney’s crewmates mistakenly believing him dead. They had to rush to escape the planet and leave him behind. [2]
Image #2 The author goes on to say that Mark Watney (stranded astronaut) must use his scientific knowledge in order to survive on the Red Planet for many years. It is a classic castaway scenario, created by Andy Weir. Sir Ridley Scott directed the movie of the same title. Scott began his film career as a production designer for BBC TV’s “Doctor Who” (1963) along with directing “Z Cars”, a police drama (1965). Scott was recognized worldwide for his film “Alien”, which he directed in 1979. He also gained fame with the sci-fi movie “Blade Runner” (1982). Scott has directed 26 features since then. films and produced more than 100 moviesThe following television shows, documentaries, and commercials are available:, TV series, commercials, as well as television documentary, and the iconic Apple Mac 1984 TV spot. Last edited 76 days back by Yentel Wynn (Padova, Italy). [3]
20th Century Fox is producing the film. The United Kingdom and United States co-produced it. After Fox had optioned the novel, Simon Kinberg started developing it. Drew Goddard wrote a screenplay adaptation and was originally attached to direct the film. However, the project did not progress. Scott was hired to replace Goddard. Damon also became the film’s main character. The filming started in November 2014. It lasted for approximately 70 days. The soundstage in Budapest, Hungary was the largest one in the world, and twenty sets were made. Filming was done on Wadi Rum, Jordan. [4]

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