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(SOLVED!) Who Said I Am Not Afraid I Was Born To Do This?

These words by Joan may now be her most famous quote however the version that is usually seen is “I am not afraid 🙈 😊 🙈I was born to do this.” This version, as you’ll see by reading Joan’s actual words, leaves out the part that Joan thought was the most significant: God. Joan of Arc, a young woman of faith, looked up to God every day. Joan of Arc’s banner featured a picture and the names Jesus and Mary. Her ring had three crosses with the names Jesus and Mary. Joan often included Jesus-Mary in any letters she’s sendingnding, as well as a sign or a signature indicating that it was Jesus-Mary. Joan was not happy that Joan’s quote “I am not scared…I wasn’t born to do it” is being used.
My favourite quote “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” Everyone’s heard this quote at some point in life. Recently, I was intrigued to learn more about Joan of Arc’s words. It is a legend. It’s impressive! Now it’s on jewelleryry, and various other items. After browsing the web, I’m had coming across Maid of Heaven. It has all of Joan of Arc’s quotes, along with quotes about Joan of Arc. I wentgone through each quote, amazing stuff in there (and I’m not what you would call religious). I camecome to the quote I believe is “the quote” that morphed into my favourite quote: (last edited 25 days ago by Shatoria Lancaster from Geneva, Switzerland)
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Theron Downey Provide additional information. Joan of Arc. Anyone who knows me well or spends a lot of time on will know how deeply I value the words St. Joan of Arc used while she was still alive. It is almost magical to read some of her quotations. I love to go back to them whenever possible to be closer to her. Many of St. Joan’s famous quotes are misrepresented and misused, so not everyone is as respectful as me. The internet has a lot of distorted quotes like “I amn’t afraid… This is what I was meanteant to do. The actual words that Joan spoke from which this quote was derived were: “I’m doing not fear the soldiers, for my road is made open to me; and if the soldiers come, I’m having God, my Lord, who will know how to clear the route that leads to messire the Dauphin. “I was mademade for this.”
Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’Arc in contemporary French) was a supposedly normal, low-born but not exactly poor peasant girl in 15th century France. Born in the village of Domrémy (now called Domrémy-la-Pucelle after Joan) in 1412, she’s leavingaving her parents against their will to wage war against the English and their Burgundian comrades in Northern France during the Hundred Years’ War (1337–1453). It is a remarkable, almost unbelievable story about a supposedly lowly being who lived in Catholic Europe during the aggressively pious late Middle Ages. Then, of her transformation into a hero and martyred victim, Joan of Arc continues to delight the imaginations of many artists, scriptwriters, and politicians. Gabriele Hughes, Doha (Qatar) last updated this story 7 days ago
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