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who said preach the gospel and when necessary use words?

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From these words (and his example), it is hard to deny the deep commitment St 🙌 Francis had to both the proclamation and embodiment of the Gospel 😎 He lived deep within the tension between the two 🤓 That tension is very much present in our current context. The first quote may be taken too far by postmodern mistrust of words. Indeed, if the quote is used to diminish the importance of verbal preaching/proclamation, then it is a betrayal of the spirit of St. Francis. Some fear Christianity’s overuse has led to a devaluation of its importance. [1]
Yet, it is easy to forget that he was a saint and did not hesitate to share the Gospel with others. He would often preach the Gospel at extravagant events hosted by the wealthy, according to some sources. St. Francis often preached the Gospel to anyone he met while walking along the Assisii’s paths. St. Francis has been pictured in a picture with birds, because it is believed that St. Francis preached the Gospel even to the birds. If he’s having gone so far as to preach to birds than surely he wasn’t afraid to preach to the men and women he’s had meetingg met. Last edited 12 days ago, by Nathanial Blum (Baku, Azerbaijan). [2]
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St. Francis, the patron saint of simplicity, appreciation for God’s creation and preaching to birds, is well-known. His lifetime was marked by his great poverty. He gave everything that he owned to the poor. As a youngster, he stripped down his clothes at Assisi in the middle and gave away all of his worldly possessions including his father’s inheritance. Francis dedicated his entire life to God and the Gospel, sharing the gospel through the ways he lived and interacted with other people. [3]
The pros at premierchristianity.comA Salvation Army officer is a friend. It is inspiring to see the corps members working with homeless people. I am convinced that Christ-like selflessness is Christ-like. It is also deeply appealing to other people. What kind of “gospel,” would my actions be able to accomplish if I was reliant on them alone? You’ve probably seen people play charades and you know that there are wild variations to the results. team members Make in response to someone’s actions. The same goes for non-Christians. They might guess and make assumptions about the beliefs we have when we are doing good works. You are unlikely to see anyone seeing the good works of Christ and jumping at the opportunity to believe what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15. This was a great tip from Tarell Magana, after we pointed it out. [4]
“Preach the Gospel at all times, if necessary use words.” The words are often attributed to St. Francis of Assisi – and certainly reflects a part of the Franciscan charism – but…. He has never spoken it. People sometimes wonder why I am persistent in reminding people that this very popular expression is only a cliché and a pale image of St. Francis. Well, that is because it is in these type of reductions we try to harness, control and make safe the life of the saint from Assisi instead of letting us be swept away by the full story.Francis did indeed focus on proclaiming the word in deed – as well as in word. And if you have ever read any of Francis’ own writings it is easy to see that Scripture is infused everywhere in his words, his life and his being – and his actions. Similar stories are told about Francis by other people. The legend of the Three Companions is a good example of where the often-quoted expression came from. [5]

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