(SOLVED) Who Started Bonsai?

Originally only the elite of the society practiced pun-tsai with native-collected specimens and the trees where spread throughout China as luxurious gifts 😎 During the Kamakura period, the period in which Japan adopted most of China’s cultural trademarks, the art of growing trees in containers was introduced into Japan 😎 Due to Japan’s small size, Bonsai was developed in Japan according to certain guidelines. Because of this, the range and variety in landscape styles was much smaller. Many of the most well-known tools, techniques and styles were created in Japan using original Chinese designs. Bonsai is only now being known outside Asia, despite its existence for over three centuries. [1]
The connotations, or added/implied Bonsai tree meanings include:A general tree-like shape or style (although not necessarily natural to that type of plant growing full-size in the wild).A profile that is not as detailed as a photographically-real tree but has just enough features to easily suggest a full-grown tree.Relative smallness, compared with those same types of trees outside of the container, for ease of transport and ability to keep nearby.A sense of naturalness which has been subtly accentuated by human intervention but which is not spoiled by stark evidence of human interaction.A particular representation of something much more than itself, and thus allowing each viewer to interpret what is shown and to build-upon this based on his or her own experiences and memories.Something so valued that it has received care for virtually every day of its containerized life.Something held in such high regard that it was allowed to be brought temporarily into the house for honored guests even though it contained soil from the garden.A portable oasis and transportable miniature garden which can represent the seasons and vast or favorite landscapes close-at-hand for meditation or contemplation assistance.These are just a few points, it is up to you to decide what Bonsai means to you. [2]
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A remarkable write-up by bonsaitreegardener.net It is interesting to note that the Chinese created the cutting and binding methods which gave trees an unusual appearance. Some claim that Toaists intentionally shaped root structures, branches and trunks to resemble the body of Chinese dragons, serpents and animals. Others believe the structure deformities were more like yoga poses. Despite the fact that the Penzai were created by Buddhists for many centuries, there is no documented evidence of their existence until 600 A.D. Seventy-six years ago, pictorial evidence first showed the Penzai tree. The tomb of Prince Zhang Huai. Archeologists found miniature rocks and trees in the tomb’s graveyard. We are grateful to Candrea for bringing this information to our attention. [3]
Mymodernmet.com The article continues to explain how japanese BonsaI had trees grown up to one to two feet in height and required years of skilled care. The branches, trunks, and roots obtained their twisted appearance by holding the desired shape—using bamboo and wire—as the had tree grown. Artists often used new branches to create a desired shape. Certain species bore fruit while others grew leaves and flowers. BonsaI had trees had become a very highly valued art form by the end of the 14th century. They soon moved from monasteries to royal homes. Like in China, trees were made into symbols of honourr and status. This information was brought to our attention by Alexandro Payton. [4]

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