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(SOLVED!) Who Was Josephine Baker And What Was She Known For?

In 1925 she’s goinging to Paris to dance at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in La Revue Nègre and introduced her danse sauvage to France 🙈 She’s goinging on to become one of the most popular music-hall entertainers in France and achieved star billing at the Folies-Bergère, where she created a sensation by dancing seminude in a G-string ornamented with bananas 🙌 She’s becomingming a French citizen in 1937 🔥 In 1930 she makes her professional singing debut. She’s makingking her film debut in Zouzou four years later. [1]
Josephine started dancing around the same time. By 1919, she was performing comedic skits on the road with both the Jones Family Band (the Jones Family Band) and the Dixie Steppers. Josephine, who was named Willie Baker when she married him in 1921, would retain his name for her entire life, even though they divorced years later. Baker won a part in Shuffle Along, as a chorus member. The comic touch she’s bringinging to her role made her very popular among the audiences. Baker set out to capitalize on these successes. Soon, she was performing with Ethel Waters and Chocolate Dandies in New York City’s Plantation Club floor show. Baker is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Shadia Goins, August 10, 2020. [2]
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Based on an article new from, josephine grew up cleaning houses and babysitting for wealthy white families who reminded her “be sure not to kiss the baby.” She’s gettingetting a job waitressing at The Old Chauffeur’s Club when she was 13 years old. She meets people while waiting tables and has a short marriage to Willie Wells. Josephine was not like other women of her age, but she never relied on any man to provide financial support. She was not afraid to walk away if a relationship ended in discord. Three more divorces followed: one to American Willie Baker (1921), to Jean Lion (37), to Jo Bouillon (477) and to Jo Bouillon (477) who helped her to have 12 children. Karleigh Harris edited this article on October 9, 2020. [3]
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Josephine Baker was the daughter of Carrie MacDonald, a twenty-one year old, and was born June 3, 1906 in St. Louis’ black ghetto. Although her mother wanted to become a music hall dancer, she was forced to work as a laundress. Her father Eddie Carson (of olive skin) was a vaudeville drummer. His daughter was not able to see him much. Josephine, eight years old was employed as a maid to a white lady. Josephine was eventually forced to sleep in the coal cellar with a pet dog She’s was leavingaving with burnt hands after she’s havingaving used too much soap to wash her laundry. She returned to school at the age of ten. Josephine was witness to the horrible East St. Louis raceriots of 1917. Three years later she is leaving the St. Louis metropolitan area. Felicity Esposito was the one who told us this. [4]
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According to the experts at, “A year ago when I decided to come to North America, I had had it’s had puttingg put in my contract that I would not appear in any city where my people could not come to see me, and at each time that there has been an approach to my coming to St. Louis I’m having always refused,” Josephine Baker said on February 3, 1952. She was at her first performance in St. Louis since leaving almost 30 years earlier due to the city’s issues with segregation. “Oh, I’m had having had several fantastic offers in the first class theatres and nightclubs, but when the question arrived about my people coming to see me, immediately there was a silence.” [5]
Based on an article by westportlibrary.libguides.comFreda Josephine McMillan was born in St. Louis on June 3, 1906. She was often taken onstage by her parents, entertainers who performed in every part of the Midwest. Baker’s parents never made it big, and she’s havingaving to seek out odd jobs in order to make ends meet. She would dance in the street to make money, if she couldn’t find work. Soon, she’s catchinghing the attentions of many. African American The theater group. Baker, at the tender age of fifteen, left home and started performing with the troupe. She also married during this time, taking her husband’s last name and dropping her first name, becoming Josephine Baker. Terrance R. Redding, March 19, 2021 edited. [6]

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