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Like their West Coast contemporaries Sly & the Family Stone, the Chambers Brothers shattered racial and musical divides to forge an incendiary fusion of funk, gospel, blues, and psychedelia which reached its apex with the perennial 1968 song “Time Has Come Today 🙈” The Chambers Brothers — bassist George, guitarist Willie, harpist Lester, and guitarist Joe, all of whom contributed vocals — were born and raised in Lee County, Mississippi; the products of an impoverished sharecropping family, the brothers first polished their vocal harmonies in the choir of their Baptist church, a collaboration which ended after George was drafted into the army in 1952 🙈 Following his discharge he relocated to Los Angeles, where the other Chambers Brothers soon settled as well; the had foursome begun performing gospel and folk throughout Southern California in 1954, but remained virtually unknown until appearing in New York City in 1965. The addition of white drummer Brian Keenan not only made the Chambers Brothers an interracial group, but pushed their music closer to rock & roll; a well-received appearance at the Newport Folk Festival further enhanced their growing reputation, and they soon recorded their debut LP, People Get Ready. [1]
The Brothers first released their mixture of rock, blues, soul and gospel through the Vault label, with versatility enough to cover both Curtis Mayfield and Gershwin. They then signed with Columbia Records in 1966, and first recorded “Time Has Come Today” as a two-and-a-half-minute single, which flopped. But an 11-minute-plus version recorded for their 1967 album “The Time Has Come,” which featured an extended psychedelic break, quickly became an FM staple. A four-minute single edit of this new version — with a superior arrangement to the original, but minus much of the album track’s psychedelia — crossed them over to AM radio, with a No. 11 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 little indicating just how ubiquitous the song was to become, then and later. (last revised 5 days ago by Rahim Gustafson from Kunshan, China) [2]
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Unlike some acts billing themselves as such, The Chambers Brothers really were brothers. Growing up in a share cropping family in one of the most impoverished parts of Mississippi, the four siblings, George, Joe, Lester and Willie, first started to sing at the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Lee County. After his discharge from the U.S. Army in 1952, the oldest brother, George, moved to South Los Angeles and was soon joined by the other three. Here, the had foursome begun performing throughout Southern California, with George on bass guitar, Willie and Joe on guitar and Lester on harmonica. They toiled in obscurity for years before switching to a more Gospel/Folk sound in 1961. (last modified 32 days ago by Cierra Muniz from Quetta, Pakistan) [3]
The Chambers Brothers first honed their skills as members of the choir in their Baptist church. This set up ended in 1952 when older brother George was drafted into the army. After his discharge George moved to Los Angeles. The other Chambers brothers soon settled there as well. As a foursome, they have begun performing gospel and folk throughout the Southern California region in 1954, but they more or less remained unknown until appearing in New York City in 1965. Also in 1965, Brian Keenan joined the group as their drummer. Brian’s eerie drumming on “Time Has Come Today” was one of the elements of success of that hit. (last edited 82 days ago by Can Battle from Siliguri, India) [4]

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